My first blog!!

Well here goes my first blog…. As scared as I am to start this whole new world of blogging with absolutely no idea what I’m doing, there are only so many Google searches of ‘ how to do a great blog’  before saying to yourself ok just do it already! what’s the worse that could happen!? No one will like it ahhh never mind, plus just keep thinking ‘it’s fine no one will probably read it anyway’. so I guess the best place to start is with something I definitely know a lot about me!! im 29 with 8 years experience  (shhhhh don’t tell everyone!) I’ve had my own set of motorized wheels nows for around a little over 9 years, for anyone that does know me knows I love to call it my  go-kart, I’ve been married to my very own man-child (now I know all you married or living with females know what I mean when I say man-child!!) My wonderful husband of 2 years and been together 10, plus our 2 crazy cats skye and fudge. I was diagnosed at 24 with a form of muscular dystrophy which didn’t really come as much of a surprise as my mum and brother who had already been diagnosed with it. I’ve always believed that it doesn’t matter what cards in life you have been given you can choose how you deal with it, you can wallow in self-pity or get on with it I chose to get on with it and count how many people’s ankles i can take out on the way!! Haha… ive always been a pretty positive person but don’t get me wrong it’s not all sunflowers and Roses all the time when you brain is telling your body to move and your body is just laughing at you but that’s life laugh it off. I can still do what everyone else does go abroad, got to the gym not that I’ve seen the inside of one, swimming, go to the pub with the girls only difference they have to try walk in a straight line I zigzag in style, sky diving (not that anyone will let me boring!!) Even run My own business from my wheel’s, it just takes a little more planning that’s all the go-kart has a lot of baggage she can be a real diva at times!! I guess what I’m saying is don’t let a disability or people and Society define you as a person if you want something in life go get because the only person that can fail at your life is YOU!!

Kerry x

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4 thoughts on “My first blog!!

  1. Haha that’s my crazy sister , go you 👌 Great blog sis 💯 you just forgot to mention the best person in your life .. ME 😂😂 it’s ok I’m here commenting so I won’t be forgotten 🙈😂🙈😂 I’m super duper proud of you , and so are your nephew and nieces 😘 Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you … Amazing things … The world is your oyster ❤️😘 Love you xxxx

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