My Wheelchair & Me!

The Aims of International Wheelchair DayTo enable wheelchair users to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has in their lives. To celebrate the great work of the many millions of people who provide wheelchairs, who provide support and care for wheelchair users and who make the World a better and more accessible place for peopleContinue reading “My Wheelchair & Me!”

How can car dealerships support people with disabilities?

In today’s technologically-advanced world, more solutions are becoming available to enable people with disabilities to not just get behind the wheel and drive a car safely but also those whom like myself still need a WAV but don’t drive themselves. And whilst more information around how to drive with a disability is becoming available online,Continue reading “How can car dealerships support people with disabilities?”

Impossible choices

The rising cost of living is a conversation that isn’t likely to cash out anytime soon. Not just in the disabled community. Many people/families will be faced “impossible choices in order to survive” Soaring energy prices, increasing fuel and food costs, it can feel like you’re being held hostage by energy companies and forced toContinue reading “Impossible choices”

Football for all

A little reminder.‘Sorry not sorry’ to rub it in boys but the Lionesses did bring it home. With the Nation gripped. Screaming, sitting at the edge of their seats watching every second passes. Young girls were watching in ore thinking I can do this. Now, unfortunately I haven’t got a clue and would be lyingContinue reading “Football for all”

Everyone should be included no matter the age!

When you think of the word Inclusion what does it mean to you? Inclusion is defined as the state of being included or being made a part of something. When a book covers many different ideas and subjects, it is an example of the inclusion of many ideas. When multiple people are all invited toContinue reading “Everyone should be included no matter the age!”

Afternoon tea!

With Disability Pride Month coming to an end I have so many reasons to be proud. it’s been a busy month for me and ‘Sheila’ aka my A wheelchair accessible vehicle From Winning two awards at the MK inspiration awards. Inspirational woman and outstanding achievement. A black tie event so I got to get allContinue reading “Afternoon tea!”

Disability Pride Month? Have you ever heard of it?

June is over and yes I’m going to say it after all this rain – July best bring us sunshine, I can smell the sun cream, fake tan and the sizzling of BBQ’s as I am writing this, I’m excited – not just because of the hope of better weather, pub lunches and thought ofContinue reading “Disability Pride Month? Have you ever heard of it?”

Let’s go thunders!

And, just like that the inner cheerleader was out – I was just missing the pom-poms! When the opportunity presented itself though Milton Keynesia Magazine to go watch the MK Thunders play the Jets from Slough, my pink winter coat was ready for a night at the ice rink. I haven’t been to an iceContinue reading “Let’s go thunders!”