New Year’s Eve 

How fast has this year gone?! I know it can’t just be me that feels like I’ve had my eyes closed all year and open them on New Year’s Eve!!

So in true New Year’s Eve form of me & plenty others I’m sure, I have been reflecting on pass and present ‘as you do’

So as I’m sitting in my comfy chair a new year playlist on in the back ground thinking back over the last year, I can’t help but think further back to when my world changed ‘forever’ leaving my job, moving home, getting my first go-Kart, losing family members!!
Now 13 years on we come to this moment of me sitting in my comfy chair on New Year’s Eve writing a blog, remembering what was and what is. I’ve met and married my best friend of 10 years (everyone fails to tell you though, you want to kill them more after you’ve married them!!) with our two crazy black cats Skye and fudge entertaining is an understatement.

My last 12 months haven’t been all full of sunshine and Roses all year round but you know what that’s okay, why Kerry I hear you say… because it’s been full of little challenges here and there that have given me the strength to grow as a person, the universe likes to keep you busy and on your toes from time to time, to remind us we are only human and it’s okay to fail at times, it’s ok to learn from those mistakes plus it’s okay celebrate when you have achieved something great in your life too, hell shout it from the roof tops because the ones that truly love you will celebrate with you no matter what and the ones that don’t….. Well might be time to rethink what they bring to your life…

This last year I learnt it’s OK to ask of help and not be so stubborn (still a long way to go on stubbornness lol) my business is starting to grow slowly but surely, it’s shown me staying persistence and being positive the hard work I’ve put in pays off eventually, getting out of my Comfort zone by doing live training slots on the team training, doing a live event to 2000 people, putting my first video on YouTube for the world to see!! I’ve become a more positive person than last year I know what I want in my life, making a plan about your life isn’t such a bad thing it gives you something to work and focus towards, and from making that plan we went on our second holiday abroad, had Christmas dinner out at with the out laws (no washing up for hubby whop whop!!) a big part of my mindset change is the people I’m surrounding myself with when you get the right set of friends that want to see you grow and achieve nothing but great things, that will uplift you just by entering a room, grab them stick them in your pocket (just don’t forget to feed and water them!!).

As we all come to the ending of 2016 with friends/family I want to hold a glass up and thank all the truly AMAZING people in my life new friends I can’t wait to get to know you more, as always my beautiful family/friends you have supported me in my venture thank you so much for your love, Constant guidance every year I’m so very grateful for each & everyone one for keeping my feet on my wheels, you are my driving force to do what I do I know your all always behind me keeping me going (with Pom-poms I hope!!)
I won’t be doing New Years resolutions I will take 2017 as its meant to be the as the person I am now ready to learn and grow more taking everything I’ve learned from 2016 with me…


Kerry x

Happy new year everyone have a great time bring in the new year what ever you’re doing!! 


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