Mental health – let’s talk

Mental health is something that I have spoken about and been very open and honest about my own struggles but it has been awhile – Right now our mental health and wellbeing is a topic that we really need to be addressing, so with no better time like the present. Let’s talk. Unfortunately mental healthContinue reading “Mental health – let’s talk”

Disabled and older people deserve better than ‘making do’

Let’s get right down to the wheels this year has proven to be challenging for most people, but for too many disabled people the challenges have and still been significantly worse because of access issues within their home.” Disabled people for far too long now have been expected to ‘make do’ and ‘just put upContinue reading “Disabled and older people deserve better than ‘making do’”

Being disabled doesn’t automatically mean I should be depressed

I’m one of those really annoying people that you meet/see that constantly smiles about absolutely nothing and always says hello to a complete stranger as I’m wheeling past. I think I’m a happy go lucky person that tries to see the positive and not the negative in every situation, I try not to sweat theContinue reading “Being disabled doesn’t automatically mean I should be depressed”

Having a disability isn’t a weakness

Having a disability isn’t a weakness, it should be seen as a strength. What does the word disability mean to you? When you look at someone with a disability what do you see strength or weakness. Is the first thing that pops into your mind ‘oh bless it must be hard’ or ‘I’m glad I’mContinue reading “Having a disability isn’t a weakness”

The barriers we face as disabled people

Have you ever had a moment where your face tells a thousand stories, that real eye-rolling moment in a conversation when someone says ‘oh I know just how you feel I once had an injury and couldn’t do anything for weeks’, I don’t know about you but I can pretty much tell when someone isContinue reading “The barriers we face as disabled people”

Are you being Ableist – And don’t even know it.

Ableism This is definitely a word I’m seeing pop up more and more, but this word has always been lurking in the corners as if it’s waiting to say ‘remember me’. It has played a very significant role in all of my life even before I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy because I grow upContinue reading “Are you being Ableist – And don’t even know it.”

Home care agencies neglect and indifferences – Who’s responsible

In 2017 it was reported that ‘social care’ was in cataclysmic crisis. Disclaimer: it’s important to remember NOT ALL Carers and Care Agencies are the same and this post is just about care at home not care homes. As someone who relies heavily on having extra help at home due to having a disability withContinue reading “Home care agencies neglect and indifferences – Who’s responsible”

Overcoming negative body image – when you have a disability

Overcoming negative body image is never easy, even harder when you have a disability. Have you ever compared yourself to somebody else? Yep me too. So many of us are guilty of obsessing over our bodies or what other people think and the way we look. With social media platforms like Instagram, Tik-Tok and YouTubeContinue reading “Overcoming negative body image – when you have a disability”