The value of having friends with Muscular Dystrophy

We all know the value and impact having great friends can have on your life – the ones that truly make a difference in your life weather it is putting the world to rights over a girly chat or watching football with the boys they are the ones you go to for advice but what happens when the advice you need they can’t answer because they have no idea what it’s like to live with a disability.

I am lucky enough to have some incredible friends that have stood by me though walking to wheels they have been my cheerleaders though the good and bad times of living with Muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle weakening condition and before, but when my questions are about MD and not where can I get that picture frame on your wall from, it’s not something my non-disabled friends can answer.

Over the last 5 years or so though different opportunities I have had the chance to meet and befriended more people living in the world of muscular dystrophy from parents with children living with md or others with different types, even finding people with the same rare md as me. Whether we’ve found one another through Muscular dystrophy events or a common love for campaigning, my network within the MD community has expanded.

Having friends with the same condition has been a huge help through some common issues like the loss of strength, anxiety, the right equipment, to more personal needs or just talking something though. Yes, I have my mum I can turn to as she knows what it’s also like living with md but sometimes you just don’t want to talk to your mum! Sorry mum.

I’ve previously written about why it’s important to having friends when I started the MDBloggersCrew with 4 friends who have become life long friends I would be lost without these days. It’s also important for us to have friends with the condition who are the same age because we’re my than likely to be at the same stages in life: than someone younger for example who’s not working or looking for work, and entering the crazy world of relationships and marriage or dealing with the same difficulties that someone older might be.

I hope though all the great advice I have gotten from my friends with Muscular dystrophy I’ve have also been able to teach them something about living Muscular dystrophy but that’s the beauty of being friends with someone who shares the same diagnosis as you, we’re all on the same journey together

I love nothing more and will always be someone’s cheerleader when watching my friends and others achieve their dreams or do amazing things or just showing the world that despite living with Muscular dystrophy we can live a ‘normal’ life and when I’m around people who are accomplishing it all and navigating their way with the same condition, empowers me to do the same which I can only hope I do the same for someone else.

As much as I’m an open book and will happily talk about anything to do with my muscular Dystrophy if asked it can sometimes be tiring. So yes, there’s also something freeing and maybe less awkward about not having to explain yourself to new friends with MD like you might have to when meeting a non-disabled person who has a thousands questions but doesn’t quite know how to ask them that can sometimes turn into an awkward conversation.

It’s very much like there is that automatic understanding of what it’s like on a daily basis living with the same condition, that unfortunately your non-disabled mates will never truly understand. So it’s finding friends in both worlds that work together in harmony to create the greatest friendships you would ever have.

but regardless of what disability you have we should all be championing and being each other’s cheerleaders.

How have your friends helped you??

Kisses K

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2 thoughts on “The value of having friends with Muscular Dystrophy

  1. Hello my name Phyllis I am deaf and live in Delaware. I have limb girdle Muscluar dystrophy type 2 . I grew up familey farm I use be drive tractor and dirt bike but not anymore ! I ride my three wheels scooter and outdoor activities raise my owns chicken 💚

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