Thank you to my readers.

well here we are again. December has definitely taken me by surprise this year I feel very unorganised and behind, I normally go into December with very little to do when it comes to gift and food shopping. So I’m able to start winding down on writing and any other work commitments I have left before the new year, to be able to enjoy my love for a great cheesy Christmas movies,

I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for your support again this year without you. My Life, Kerry’s Way wouldn’t be as much fun to share and continue. I know that this last year has again been incredibly hard for many of us still but we got through another year. Each day at a time!

I have loved writing each article and reading everyone’s comments. Yes, it’s been a mix of ups and downs, a couple have come against some backlash (including myself). Not everyone has taken the same view as myself and that’s okay because it’s always great to have healthy conversations about how others see and view what I might not. That’s how I/we learn and grow – what I will say with one article I didn’t appreciated the attack on my character, I have always been very true to myself and open about not everyone will like or agree with what I write or my views but attacking someone personally isn’t okay or something I stand for, I will support and respect anyone’s views even if It’s no my own.

Anyway. Enough of that I don’t want to focus on a negative. This is me thanking you all for your support. So let get back to that I have learnt so much from you all again this year from you sharing with me your experiences, struggles and thoughts.

So from me to you. Thank you for every like, comment and share. I appreciate each and everyone of you from new, to long-standing followers you make it very easy to continue so openly sharing my life living with Muscular Dystrophy as well as other things.

I will as always continue to write as long as you all continue to enjoy – I want to end by saying I know this time of year Is joyful for most of us but I also understand that for some this time of year isn’t so great – If you’re struggling over the festive season my DM’s are open if you need to talk never feel like you’re alone because you’re not.

Merry Christmas

Until next time. Tell me what you think?

Kisses K

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