Nearly getting caught short!

I love taking little trips out with hubby it’s always fun taking a stroll from ours to CMK centre, with the weather being super amazing at the minute we decided to take a walk into town; well I wheeled hubby biked!


We normally spend a few hours wondering round grabbing a few bits but we always make sure we grab something to eat that’s normally a 10 minute conversation on how hungry, hot or cold. you would think it would be the simplest of questions where and what do you fancy to eat but no trust me when you have a fussy eating hubby it’s a nightmare! I would love to say it’s just hubby that’s the issue but stuffing from ibs as well as having Muscular Dystrophy can be a huge issue when going out and really enjoying yourself.


‘1/4 million adults and children in the UK that can’t leave their home without severely limiting their fluid intake and clock watching in fear of needing the toilet while out doing normal things like going to the cinema or having a meal with family. a standard disabled toilet for those with complex needs that only Changing Places facilities cater for, leaving the house can create extreme anxiety’.

I’m 1 of those 1/4 million that needs more than just pull down grab rails around the toilet and a red emergency pull cord.

Having decided where we was eating the only thing left to do was what yummy food off the menu we was having, after we had eaten we had one last thing to do so off we went then around 15 minutes later I could feel my tummy cramping, I was having an ibs attack the pain can sometimes be unbearable, having that feeling of needing to go right there and then I’m instantly scared and my anxiety is though the roof it’s not going away, not being able to use a standard Disabled toilet and home being around 30 minutes away. 

‘1/4 million people every single day get put in a situation of needing the loo but not having a suitable toilet to use’

I’m thankfully that new improvements have been made at cmk shopping centre recently where they have fitted a changing places toilet I can use, but if this was before the improvements or I was anywhere else this could have been a completely different and truly embarrassing story.

This is my very personal story In aid of Changing Places Awareness day 19th July;

2007 – 30 registered changing places toilets

12 years on 

1,123 changing places toilets’ available in the UK that’s just not enough. 

Have you seen this picture

Please SIGN

 Changing places petition to make these facilities compulsory!


calling for all councils to put changing places toilet in all town centres

Disability is only a diagnosis or accident away it can happen to anyone, anytime. One day you or a loved one might be in needing these facilities. Please help make a difference today.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Bloggers/Campaigners in the disability community that I fight alongside, you all remind me why we do what we do Thank you for your support my two #MDbloggersCrew girls in the same situation as me Fi Anderson of life of anambitious turtle and Carrie Aimes of Life On The Slow Lane, plus Adam’s Mum Rachel of Ordinary Hopes, Your all truly amazballs!

kerry x

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