The day after the night before!

It all feels like a dream waking up this morning!

Did I really win an award last night thing’s like this don’t happen to me. As it’s not just any old award it was the three counties People’s choice Diversity and Equality award. these awards are local to me to be recognised in your area is truly a honour.

On the 3rd September I received a call in the morning from a guy called Toby saying he was a journalist from three counties radio and did I know a man called Anthony Grice, my answer was yes he’s my uncle in law. Well he nominated you for our people’s choice award, you’ve won congratulations.

Wait, what!? Shut up.. me really?? are you sure?? have you the right name.

All this shock and excitement I was Still in bed, not being allowed to tell anyone but needing to tell someone my hubby fast asleep next to me, the words baby, baby, baby start to come out my mouth getting louder and louder to the point I’m pretty much screaming to wake him! Finally he wakes I can tell someone a half asleep someone but it’s someone.

Having a few day to get use to the idea I then did some filming for the awards to talk about changing places, why I started campaigning and why these facilities are life changing for disabled people and their families, if you read my post you’ll know it’s my favourite subject, having Muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting disease these toilets are a life saver and life changing for so many people that need them.

Day of Awards

All dressed up and ready to go thinking when I get there someone’s going to say surprise it’s all a prank with Noel Edmonds jumping out from behind a screen,

The event was held at The Grove Theatre in Dunstable a beautiful little theatre we had a red carpet entrance which of course I totally missed as I went through a different door (eye roll) a man playing a little piano in the corner, we queued up to get our tickets, I invited my out law (oops sorry mother in law!) And my uncle in law as he was the reason I was nominated.

Looking around there was a lot of prestigious people with their gold chains of arms, that’s when the nerves really kicked in this was really real, I finally got to meet Toby Friedner the journalist who first told me of my award and been emailing and talking to over the weeks, he was wonderful definitely had a calming effect totally needed that. With a full on dinner spread laid on upstairs three guesses where I headed, yep the food was calling me it was a yummy curry, for one tonight only my Type 2 diabetes was on hold.

I was shown to my parking seat and told that someone will come and get me when it was time to take me behind the stage for my category which would be after the interval. As the curtains opened you could see and hear a full band playing away, then on came some dancers when it was time to start on came Andy Collins in his Sparkily showbiz jacket (what a great person to host the event) with La Voix popping on ever now and then just to add to the fun entertainment.

As each award was I found myself thinking how am I here every single person that had won either bronze, silver or gold already was incredible what they had all achieved from the younger generation showing the world how to be better people to the older generation showing every how it should be done.

My time

It was my time to go back stage and wait for my name to be called, there was two categories before mine, I got to see behind-the-scenes with the full band, dance choreography and backstage organises was great, they totally looked cool calm and collected.

Sitting with another lady backstage it was the Diversity and Equality category this was me, sitting thinking ok bronze here I come I was happy to just be nominated with my hand on my control stick ready to wheel on an collect my award it was my name called out, ok sliver I’m coming for you nope not me again. Ok so many this wasn’t my category after sitting back to take a breath not paying any attention I looked up at the screen in front of me behind the stage it’s my face, wait, what no there I’d no way I won gold that’s crazy someone has this wrong, with one of the three counties staff next to say are you ready well done I could feel myself welling up, how, how had this happen!


Trying to compose myself before I go on stage was hard I was completely overwhelmed, saying to myself you got this this Is for the 1/4 million disabled people that need changing places you can’t let them down, Pull yourself together woman.

Presenting my award was the beautiful La Voix and handsome Edward Adoo, struggling to get my words out full with emotion, tears now coming fully down my face hearing someone shout go Kerry you got this I just about managed to get a few words out. Now it was time for live radio interview as the awards carried on with a few photos.

After the awards had finished I did a few more interviews and spoke to so many people thanking and congratulating me it was crazy people want me they wanted to interview me and talk about my favourite subject changing places even Tony Hadley granded I was hovering around to get as you do, but he still knew who I was and what I had won.

As I’m writing this it still hasn’t sunk in did this magical night happen! looking at my award I think of all the disabled people and families I fight for and of a future of inclusion. So I make this promise to you all I will use this award and the platform it brings to keep fighting for the right to feel and be included.

I want to also take this opportunity to congratulate So many amazing well deserved winners on all 11 categories well done to each and everyone of you, your all truly incredible amazing people.

To all the judges all the staff and presenters of three counties radio thank you for a truly magical evening your all just as incredible.

Kerry x

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2 thoughts on “The day after the night before!

  1. Well written & done.
    I’ve only just begun blogging myself very recently and have seen lot of
    writers simply rehash old comtent but add very little of worth.
    It’s fantastic to read a useful post oof some genuine value to me, as a reader.

    It’s going down onn my list of factors I need to replicate being a new blogger.
    Reader engagement and content quality are king.
    Many good suggestions; you’ve absolutely made it on my liist of blogs to follow!

    Continue the fantastic work!


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