Changing Places Toilets Campaign – And House of commons

On Wednesday 24th June was a massive stepping stone was made for the changing places toilets campaign a new bill has PASSED the 1st round in the house of Commons.

How did this happen.

A Ten Minute Rule Bill on changing places toilets was introduced by Paula Sherriff MP who did an amazing speech about the importance of this changing places toilet, over 1/4 million disabled people and families are unable to use a standard Disabled toilet which is leaving them isolated at home this Is happening increasing more and more this does included myself.img_1758

As much a I feel very privilege that my story was among a few others like 11yr old Adam who you might of read and seen on the news recently, he’s taking legal action against his local theme park, Flambards, in Helston, Cornwall.

It’s these stories that are so vital to show how incredibly important these changing place toilets are.

This is a great quote from Adams mum Rachel

“Do you just go to places expecting your toilet needs to be met?

Why shouldn’t disabled people expect the same?”

And how right is that quote, how many of you reading this right now really think about when your walking out the door whether or not your going to limit what you drink or your time out just incase the toilet isn’t big enough or equipped for your needs?? 

I’m guessing none, if you’re not Disabled or have a family member that’s Disabled you wouldn’t and that’s ok I’m not expecting everyone to know how important these changing place toilets are this is why this campaign is so important to so many of us like myself, 11yr old Adam and his mum Rachel (blog) Ordinary Hopes’ and 7yr old Alfie and his mum Mandy (Facebook page) ‘Don’t pass the buck’

The Bill

The Bill would require certain buildings to provide Changing Places toilets This would be a huge step forward for the campaign as current regulations do not place any mandatory duties on buildings to provide Changing Places toilets.

To read the full transcript that Paula Sherriff MP read on Wednesday click the link you can see below:

“I beg to move”

Changing Places toilets are very different to a standard disabled toilets they have been designed for the purpose of meeting the needs of people with complex needs like;

  • A height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench.
  • A tracking hoist system or mobile hoist.
  • Adequate space in the changing area for the disabled person and up to two careers.
  • A centrally placed toilet with room either side.
  • A screen or curtain for privacy; a wide tear-off paper roll to cover the bench.
  • A large waste bin for disposable pads.
  • A non-slip floor.

To date here are only 1,123 Changing Places toilets in the UK with some areas that don’t have a facility within an hour’s drive, that’s leaving many Disabled people and their families either confined to staying at home, watching how much they drink when their out or rushing home because the call nature is too much, sometimes even having to face the embarrassment of having an accident, then being changed on the dirty floors of public toilets. No one should have to go though anything like that, not even me!

There are thousands with Neuromuscular conditions in the UK help us make a difference, Help us to make the difference that’s needed to thousands. 

Kerry x

The next reading will be 23rd November 2018.

If you’d like to watch the 10 minute bill reading for Changing Places here’s the video:

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