UK Blog Awards: Get your voting on!

A while ago I received an email to say I’d been nominated in the UK Blog Awards to say I was honoured is an understatement. To complete my entry I had to fill out a form then push send and away it went.

Not thinking anymore about it, then a few weeks ago I received an email to say I was through the second stage. Me and my little blog had made it though to the second round I needed to process this. I told my husband and a handful of people, but mostly kept it to myself. It didn’t feel real. Still doesn’t, really.

I’ve not been blogging that long so for something like this to happen at this stage of my blogging journey is crazy. I imagined if it happened it would be much further down the line, if it ever happened at all. Does it sound bigheaded to say I’m proud, honoured and overwhelmed.

It all very Glitz and glamour of Hollywood but to even be nominated is truly enough.

i was even more overwhelmed when the category where announced to be placed in two mental health & Lifestyle, mental health is a new addition to UK Blog Awards which is amazing,

In my eyes it doesn’t matter to me who wins, as everyone that’s made it this far are all winners. And I know you’ll all think yer yer your just saying that but no I truly mean it.

I’d be lying if I said it won’t be truly amazballs if I won and this post isn’t to ask you to vote for me. Although, if you’d like to you can click mental health or here for lifestyle and click on Kerry thompson.

Please be aware you can only vote once per category, so make sure you’re happy to choose me. I’d hate for anyone to regret it!

Since I started blogging I have made some truly amazing friends which has created the #MDBloggersCrew. Passionate people, Incredible storytellers with a tales you just want to keep reading, Travel bloggers sharing their adventures. An incredible range of individuals who have inspire me to keep blogging. It’s so important to recognise the talent we have in this industry, after all this is the whole reason these awards exist.

Having your vote would truly be brilliant and very much appreciated, I’m completely aware of the amazing talent I’m up against and I’m comfortable with that as they have probably been at it way longer than me. I’m for sure not selling myself short as I know I’ve made it this far so I’m clearly doing something right, It’s me just acknowledging the fantastic people who share this platform.

For me, it’s a privilege to be amongst others and an honour to be surrounded by so many fabulous individuals whatever their niche may be.

My fellow #MDbloggersCrew have also made it and I want to wish them luck and I’m so proud of everything they have all achieved your all AMAZBALLS!

Voting is open, so go get your vote on. You only get one vote per person per category. Choose wisely. Vote with your heart.

Kerry x

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