Nature is calling | World Toilet Day

What is World Toilet Day?

World Toilet Day, celebrated on 19th November, is about taking action to ensure that everyone has a safe toilet by 2030.

I seem to talk toilets ALL; well so my hubby tells me!!

So here’s me talking about toilets once again but surely it’s acceptable as today is world toilet day.

The call of nature comes to all of us at home, work or out out, what goes in must at some point come out as the saying goes, but what happens when the thought of going out out and finding a toilet you can use bring you so much anxiety you’d rather stay home In the safety of your own walls to save the “accidental embarrassments” you’d face going out out!!

Standard Disabled toilets are out-dated a red pull cord and a few grab rails just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore there are more and more children and adults with more complex Disabilities. Where needing a hoist is a must, having space to move around either side of the toilet as not everyone transfers on the same side, a high adjustable changing bed. What are these toilets called changing places.

But then we’re not just talking about 1/4 million disabled adults and children that faces issues everyday with an inadequate toilet facilities adults being charged on cold sometimes wet dirty floors but children as well – I also want to talk about the 65% of people around the world don’t have safe sanitation. How many of that 65% of people are disabled??

Why is a basic human right to have a leak such an issue in 2018!?

WHY, am i being told I can’t live my best life just because I’m disabled and going to need a changing places toilet for my needs – I’m just like everyone else I want to the zoo, Theme park, enjoy the seaside eating fish & chips, see the beautiful countryside and historic buildings, watch my favourite band or singer.

Ask yourself these questions – If your baby, toddler needed changing would you use a cold dirty toilet floor – would you as an adult happily use a toilet with a broken seat smelling as it hasn’t been cleaned In weeks??

Can you help make a difference YES everyone can by signing this petition or asking your local MP if she/he will support the changing places campaign.

Tell me your stories, Let me know how it makes you feel.

Kerry x

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