Reflection on 2018

Well can you believe we are just about to wave goodbye to 2018 going into 2019 or maybe some people are sticking their fingers up to it!. it doesn’t feel real anyone else feel that way? where did this year go!?

My 2018 break down

2018 started with a beautiful family wedding, but unfortunately it quickly took a different route for me; health wise, when a simple cold turned into something that hit myself and my husband hard as a couple for the first time, but guess that’s what pneumonia and a collapsed lung with a little stint in hospital will do, to be told your lucky you came in when you did any longer at home it would have been a different scenario, that one sentence right there definitely made me rethink how I choose to live my life! Even though my husband jokes by saying you abandoned me for nearly a month, I know secretly it’s his way of processing how serious it really was at the time. Armed with a cough assist machine I’m ready for any cold that wants to come my way.

#LivingMyBestLife has now become a big part of my vocabulary theses day’s.

March I turned 39 my last year of my 30’s scary, plus I was asked by Changing Places to join a meeting about a top secret project that I’m super excited to get to explain in the new year for now though that’s all I can say.

What a summer we had I don’t think I ever remember a summer like what we had this year temperatures were soaring everybody’s legs where out and everybody wanted to holiday in the UK, the summer is definitely the best time of year for me just because I get to wear less clothes I get to move around a little bit more freely I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated by my clothes because it’s so cold.

Though my little blog I’ve made some truly amazing friends who I’ve grown closer to over this last year we all have muscular dystrophy, having them as support has definitely been a life saver at times, as much as I have my mum to talk everything Muscular Dystrophy sometimes I just don’t want to worry or Burden her, so they have all definitely made a massive impact on my life. Where we all Created the #MDBloggersCrew I feel truly privileged to be apart and among of some amazing bloggers.

Met the crew 👆🏻

This year I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the 10 minute Bill at the house of Commons where Paula sherriff MP read my story where the bill past it’s first round to be continued in January, also with MDUK, the Independent news paper, the Department of Transport and scope where i got to collaborate with two of my #MDBloggersCrew, plus several others, for many different reasons mostly Changing places related but still to be asked and interviewed to share awareness and my story with others about subjects I’m very passionate about.

  • I super honoured to find out I’d been nominated in the a UK blog award then to make the second round wow, truly overwhelmed. win or not to have my little blog amongst some truly amazing bloggers I’m a winner already (but not going to lie it would be nice to win something!).
  • Thank you to everyone that voted for me it means so much.
  • The year I’ve also had to admit that my arms just aren’t as strong as they use to be but that’s what comes with Muscular Dystrophy, so I started fundraising to become the bionic woman, I will admit that I was scared to start a go fund page just because it’s not got a great name there are people that use this platform for the wrong reasons and it’s never something I ever thought I’d have to do, but I’m glad I did now I was and still am totally blown away by the support my family, friends and total strangers and their generosity, all the money raised helped me to get my Neater arm supports. So thank you to everyone I will never be able to thank you or express just what having these arms will do to change my life.

    In the middle of everything else going on this year I’ve also been working on getting a personal assistant to take a little pressure off of hubby, he’s not stepping down or anything he will still do most things when it to all things me, just when he’s at work now he doesn’t have to worry about me on my own and well we have that extra help, it’s been a very long and sometimes stressful process just getting everything in place but I can finally say in January I will officially become an employer.

    The kid in me came out when I got invited to go see Circus Starr ‘a circus with a purpose’, It was my first ever experience of the circus and oh how I loved every moment the oooh’s, ahhh’s and wow’s where in full swing I would definitely go if you get a chance, the fact it’s accessable to all makes it that much better. I got to meet mobiloo as well a changing Places on wheels who where traveling along side the circus, to have that worry taken away meant I could have more fluids than normal and not worry about whether or not I’d need to hold it or find to the loo and fit In it.

    In October hubby and I jetted off to sunny Lanzarote for a week of sun, sea, food and alcohol, with a surprise visit from my crazy auntie sally thrown it which I loved, it was definitely a well worth hoilday for us both.

    Now we’re at the end of December christmas day is over all the presents are unwrapped and sitting waiting to be put away. I’ve eaten way to much as always but loved every minute watched a christmas movie everyday, had a cheeky few alcoholic beverages.

    2018 is also my last year in my 30’s scary thought I know!

    What’s next who knows but Im excited to find out and i will take everything I’ve learnt from this year into next, carry on campaigning and helping where I’m needed, growing my blog a little bit more and all while living my best life at the same time.

    Tell me what are your favourite moments of 2018 and what are you planning in 2019??

    Kerry x

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