It’s all a bit Spooky on Halloween 👻 🎃

I love everything HALLOWEEN the whole spookiness might explain why I have two black cats!!

So with All Hallows’ today fancy a few terrifying places to get your spook on!

Here’s a few scary places to visit in the UK!

Hampton court palace

Location ~ London

Hampton court palace was once a Favourite of king Henry VIII

It’s said that one of king Henry wife’s Catherine Howard can often be heard screaming in the haunted gallery. And a ghostly figure dubbed “Skeletor” but believed to be The spirit of Henry himself, his ghostly figure was captured by CCTV by the security staff in 2003.

Hampton court offers Accessibility.

Langham Hotel

Location ~ London

The hotel was built in 1865 with nearly 500 rooms, it’s said that room 333 is the most haunted out of all the rooms a guest once reported an apparition dressed in extravagant victorian evening wear, others say German prince or Nobleman walks through walls making the rooms grow suddenly cold.

Do you dare stay the night??

Edinburgh Castle

Location ~ Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress that sits on a site that pre-dates the time of Jesus. It was one of the most important strongholds in the kingdom of Scotland and was the site of many historical conflicts.

Tourist have reported sightings of musical ghost such as the phantom piper headless drummer, as well unexpected voices, cold chills and clothing being pulled.

Fancy a headless drummer??

Borley Rectory

Location ~ Essex

Burley rectory is a Gothic style rectory which was investigated psychic researcher Harry price in the 30’s. Sadly It was burnt to the ground in 1939. But I couldn’t not mention this spot that has long been considered the most haunted location in the world. The ghost include a lovestruck nun longing for a monk at the monastery that once stood at the site, not forgetting a poltergeist that terrorised the household.

Who dares paying a visit

Highgate Cemetery

Location ~ London

This creepy cemetery was opened in 1839 it’s the resting place for many a famous figure such as philosopher Karl Marx and novelist George Eliot. In the 70’s rumour began spreading of the Highgate vampire, a spectre with red eyes. If that’s not enough it’s also said cults meet up for dark ceremonies along the graves.

Vampire hunting anyone??

Woodchester Mansion

Location ~ Gloucestershire

Woodchester mansion is a gothic revival mansion House, it was only half finished after it was abandoned in 1870 mid-construction, the mansion is said to be home to the UK’s scariest ghosts including a floating head in one of the bathrooms.

Sign me up I want floating heads!

Happy Halloween 💀

Kerry 🎃👻

So if you ghost hunting anywhere tonight on this Halloween don’t forget your torch!!

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