My Heritage DNA kit

I have been meaning to write this for a while, and when I say a while we are talking about a year (like it’s a royal we!). so here we go no time like the present. Finding out about my heritage until recently has never been on my radar which is surprising considering I’m suchContinue reading “My Heritage DNA kit”

My Disability, My Identity

Your identity is everything it’s the person you are, the person you identify with and when you lose your identity who are!? As humans in a complex world of boundaries and decisions, it’s really not all that surprising that by trying to make sense of it all we put everyone and everything into groups, categoriesContinue reading “My Disability, My Identity”

3rd Blogiversary

Wow 3 whole years Sitting here writing this I can’t believe it’s been three years already since I started my blog. The journey I’ve been on since I started outweighs anything I could ever imagine it could of been. I started this just as a way for me to voice what it’s like living WithContinue reading “3rd Blogiversary”

Being Disabled does not make me a burden to my partner

Being disabled does NOT make me a burden to my partner. Being disabled does NOT make me a burden to anyone! Lets call it the B-Word I’ve never approach this subject before so why now; I think it’s probably a word I know I’ve felt many time before as I’m sure many other disabled peopleContinue reading “Being Disabled does not make me a burden to my partner”

It’s all a bit Spooky on Halloween 👻 🎃

I love everything HALLOWEEN the whole spookiness might explain why I have two black cats!! So with All Hallows’ today fancy a few terrifying places to get your spook on! Here’s a few scary places to visit in the UK! Hampton court palace Location ~ London Hampton court palace was once a Favourite of kingContinue reading “It’s all a bit Spooky on Halloween 👻 🎃”

Benefits of being in a wheelchair

It’s often looked at when your bum sits in a wheelchair it’s a negative thing by some non–disabled people, of course there are barriers and challenges everyday be silly not to say that, but focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic and use theContinue reading “Benefits of being in a wheelchair”