Benefits of being in a wheelchair

It’s often looked at when your bum sits in a wheelchair it’s a negative thing by some nondisabled people, of course there are barriers and challenges everyday be silly not to say that, but focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic and use the lemon as a twist. This doesn’t make me a Marvel Avenger, so please withhold your applause as you honor my strength.

So I thought I’d share a few awesome benefits of being in a wheelchair!

My shoes always look new.

Given that my shoes never touch the pavement it’s easy to keep them looking box new, soles never get worn they never look dirty, so when you really think about it, it’s very easy to keep buying as your getting your money’s worth and a lifetime wear out of them and because I don’t use them for walking they’re basically I just wear foot ornaments!

Queue jumping

Can you I’m your new best friend! Everyone looks at that dreaded line thinking I’ll be here for ages big eye rolling moment. Let’s face it lines are borrrrrringggg we all move at such a fast pace these days no-one has time for queuing, that’s when being in a wheelchair or having a disability can work in your advantage as usually you get to jump the queue and fast track to the front. Like airport check-in and airport security now that a perk I flipping love.

Cinema Benefits

Cheep date ALERT. How!? it’s called the CEA card this card allows someone to accompany you to the cinema with free admission, super easy to apply for the CEA card go online or completing the form and posting it along with your proof of Disability with a payment of £6 your card is valid for a year. So who’s up for a Cineworld date??

Free PA/Carer tickets

Following on from above; I love going to to the theatre or any event and that can come with a nice price tag if you require one or several PA/Carer it can look like it’s breaking the bank. so it’s great that theatres and venues offer a free PA/Carer tickets for disabled people. You could call it a perk but I see it more as an essential because if it wasn’t for friends or family we’d never be able to enjoy shouting “Behind you” at Christmas.

Accessible Toilets

If you know me you’ll know I love a good Loo chat if not where have you been!! You will always find a standard disabled toilet in venues but you have pros and cons with these toilets some are to small to swing a cat with everything cramped into one space like baby changing, bins etc you struggle for space to manoeuvre plus some places one have one available, if your lucky you can find a changing places toilet which has a adult size height adjustable bed, hoist, toilet central to the wall so easy to transfer from either side and plenty of room for more than one PA/Carer. The bonus is the accessible toilets are all private so no sharing and generally can be a lot cleaner.

Kerry x

Tell me what perks you love If you have a Disability or use a wheelchair??

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