Purple Tuesday ~ Changing The Disabled Customers Experience

Yesterday, the 12th November was Purple Tuesday what is Purple Tuesday it’s an international call for action, focused on changing the experience for us the disabled people.

Disabled people make up 1 in 5 in the UK that means the Purple Pound is an estimated whopping 249 Billion spending power of disabled people and their families, and yet hundreds of companies are overlooking their disabled customers.

Purple Tuesday is a way of creating awareness for all companies to make improvements and realising the needs of of disabled customers, breaking down the barriers that make shopping difficult for disabled people. 75% of disabled people have had to leave a store or website, unable to go through with their purchase because of their disability.

More than 1 in 3 disabled people that’s (34%) have said that poor customer service prevented them from making a purchase, while 33% said the lack of understanding from staff about their needs. improvements should include ‘being treated the same as anyone else’ and having ‘knowledgeable staff’.

I’m sure I’m not the only disabled person out there that would say their more likely to spend money with organisations if they improve ⬇️

• Staff understanding about different disabilities (56%).

• The overall customer experience for disabled people (41%).

• Store/shop/location accessibility (41%)

• Improve website accessibility (16%)

Purple Tuesday research has led them to call on organisations to focus on straightforward, low-cost solutions to improve disabled customers experiences, changes that go Beyond the Front Door. Of the 13.9 million disabled people in the UK, 80% have a hidden impairment, meaning improvements and enhancements are needed to improve access for disabled people, beyond having a ramp installed to help access enter a site.

Last year more than 750 organisations participated in Purple Tuesday, making a collective 1,500 commitments to improve how they meet the needs of disabled consumers.

The lack of changing places facilities is also a high factor on how disabled people and their families with complex needs spend there time.

When I was asked if I’d like to be an Ambassador for Purple Tuesday i was honoured and humbled, to be given this opportunity to work/promote what Purple Tuesday are trying to achieve i gladly said yes.

My quote for Purple Tuesday!

“The ability to easily get about, do your shopping and be part of the community is something most people take for granted, but for disabled people it can be a daily struggle – you have to plan ahead and check for accessibility wherever you go. For example, I’m one of the ¼ million people in the UK requiring a fully accessible toilet, but there are only 1,401 registered Changing Places toilets in the country.

“There’s so much more that businesses can do, and the Purple Pound is revenue that inaccessible businesses from all sectors are missing out on. Let’s make every day a Purple day and allow everyone to live in a world that makes them feel included.”

I truly believe that everyday should be a PURPLE TUESDAY not just one day of the year so that’s why I’m posting the day after to show that everyday all disabilities matter.

Kerry 💜


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