Everyday should be a Purple day!

I was honoured to be asked to continue as an ambassador for purple Tuesday 2020 alongside some incredible other disabled advocates.

Let’s face it this year the whole ‘Shopping experience’ has been very different for everyone – because of shielding I have experienced the online shopping world more than ever throughout the last few months. As you can imagine it’s a very different experience you don’t have that ‘see it in-person feeling and touch’ like you would when shopping in person, which I have missed I’m a girl that likes to mooch around the shops much to my husband’s annoyance!

Not being able to shop in person has meant I’ve not battled the lack of access within shops, restaurants etc. But, having said that It’s been a very different battled with some online services like slots, the product being out of stock or not fully explaining the product and very little in the way of pictures.

Having to rely heavily on the access of the online services provider, how easy is that assess as not every disabled person is the same – visually impaired is very different to being in a wheelchair, for example, both of our needs are very different.

Other services have also been heavily affected like dental, health care etc – disabled people and their families rely on these services, myself I’ve missed vital Respiratory appointments because of access to the service.

helpless and not valued

Disabled people make up 1 in 5 in the UK that means the Purple Pound is an estimated whopping 249 Billion spending power of disabled people and their families, and yet hundreds of companies are overlooking their disabled customers.

So what does Purple Tuesday do? it’s a way of creating awareness for all companies to make improvements and realising the needs of their disabled customers, breaking down the barriers that make shopping difficult for disabled people. Last year 75% of disabled people have had to leave a store or website, unable to go through with their purchase because it didn’t cater to their disabled needs.

So what can online services do to start making their online services that little more Accessible for their disabled customers by just adding an accessibility tool guide gives you more options like changing the text colour, language, lines spacing and letter spacing.

Over 2,000 organisations have already committed to improving the customer experience for disabled people.

I truly believe that every day should be a PURPLE TUESDAY. Join me in sharing your good and bad experiences tag that service asking them to change because your story is the most powerful tool you have.

Come and join me on 3rd November– Tag me on your social media platforms with a picture of yourselves with your thumbs up and the hashtag #ThumbsUp

Purple Kisses K

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5 thoughts on “Everyday should be a Purple day!

  1. I wish we had Purple Tuesday in the US. My biggest obstacle is building access and bathroom access, EVEN AT A DOCTOR’S OFFICE OR MEDICAL FACILITY! It’s so frustrating that I have to worry about access all the time.

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  2. I love shopping whatever way I do it. The last time my husband and I went to a store was February and we have been self-isolating since then. I have treated myself to some much-wanted makeup this year. Yes, I have had to deal with a lot of out of stock notifications though too. But I hope they will be in for Black Friday or Christmas. Just got an early birthday gift which was makeup too. Can you tell I am crazy about makeup? lol. Thank goodness there is online shopping and, pandemic or not, I think online services are a lifeline for those of us with disabilities. Clothing is something I have to get in person though. How can I get involved as an advocate for Purple Tuesday?

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