Giving a positive message for new wheelchair users

A lot of information that’s put out into the world is about the stigma wheelchair users face. I myself have written the dramas of getting a new wheelchair or not being able to access the simplest things like restaurant’s, toilets or Cinemas. As much as it’s true and very common theses days to read the bad it occurred to me as a new wheelchair user it also must be terrifying.

Not only do they have to come to terms with using this new machine acting as there legs, but they also have to deal with how society perceives them, I’ve encountered a lot of negative scenarios myself and as much as it’s extremely important to just keep fighting the good fight for how others treat disabled people, I’m embarrassed to say as a long time wheelie I never really thought about how all this would appear to a new wheelchair user.

With Social media being a huge way for us wheelies and everyone else to scream and shout but when I was just getting my first set of wheels the world of social media was just hitting us ( yes that makes me feel very old!).

So, Today I’m going to change that.

I wrote a while back about my transitioning from walking to wheels, having my powered wheelchair has completely changed my life for the better. It’s given me my freedom and independence that I was once losing until my first power wheelchair, i have the freedom to leave house and move around freely, I’m much happier within myself mentally. it’s not a cliche when people say it’s life changing.

I don’t know who is reading this or who it will reach and if or how you’ve come to be a wheelchair user, and whether you’re taking life by the balls or you’re completely lost and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But take it from someone who knows It will be ok, you can get though this I’m not going to lie. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of adapting and society can be an arsehole, but when you find your voice and you will find it and realise you’re just as bad arse and entitled to be somewhere as an able-bodied person, that’s half of the battle won.

If you’re like me and use your wheels because of Muscular Dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting disease or starting to struggle with walking and need that extra help, you could even be a part-time wheelchair user, are you being a defeatist by using your wheels or looking into getting your own wheels I say HELL NO. You know your body better than anyone and what’s best for you. If your struggling to have good days out because of your condition and have to use a wheelchair, it’s ok just think of all the great memories you’ll make. If it means using your wheels and going out to live your best life or staying in and being bored watching the same repeats on TV alone. It’s a no-brainer I know which one i choose.

Not going to lie and say your not going to come across dickheads, ableists and people that don’t understand and don’t want to, just don’t let their opinions stick wheel it off and move on. Think of all that freedom your wheelchair gives you.

Remember your wheels are your legs.

My last bit of advice make your Wheelchair your own colour it up put lights or stickers hey spray Paint it bright red if that’s your colour, on mine if your walking behind me this is what you’ll read ‘Powered By Bitch Dust’

I hope this post helps just one person who’s a new wheelchair users or even someone who’s been struggling for a few years. Feel free to drop me a comment or tweet if you ever need a chat.

Kerry xx

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