Is feeling like a second class citizen ok!?

For me being disabled means a lot of things. It means I am reliant on my powered wheelchair to act as my legs for the rest of my life. It means I can often attend several hospital and physio appointments just in the space of a week. It means I use medical equipment to keep me alive.

What it shouldn’t mean is that I’m treated like a second class citizen. Being disabled does not mean I am any less a person to everyone else, it doesn’t mean that my rights and needs should be disregarded but sadly this world we live in has made these sad truth’s a reality.

A recent event reminded me of just that, but I’m not the only one! this week alone I’ve read so many tweets/stories as if just because were disabled our options on world events, using public transport or sharing an experience to make awareness, why is wrong or treated like a far-fetched story! I know sadly you can’t change people’s attitudes. But why!?

For example I shared my experience over cervical screening a few weeks back in the press and it was targeted by a select few granted, they chose and thought it was ok to chip away at my experience and make it look like a far-fetched story which left me questioning my own words. Is being disabled and wanting better access and treated like we matter really that hard for some people to get to grips with!?

It’s left me wondering if things will ever improve. We can put up signs and legislations but if people’s attitudes don’t change then what hope do we really have?

Little rant over!!

Kerry x

How you been in a situation that’s left you feeling like a second class citizen? Leave me a comment and tell me your story.

9 thoughts on “Is feeling like a second class citizen ok!?

  1. I can so relate to this. My toilet raiser broke 3 weeks ago and the fight I am having to try and get it fixed. People think it is acceptable for my partner to lift me off the toilet. Which he is doing but he isn’t home 100% of the time.
    The reaction we had when medequip came round, no phone call first, when told I was at work. I was left feeling you can’t be that much in need if you can work.
    My partner is having major surgery in 4 weeks obviously disabled people don’t need to be able to use a toilet.
    I have Limb Girdle Musculardystrophy and can still stand and walk one or two steps. I have no ability to get from sit to stand. My moans could go on all night.


    1. Hi Amanda

      Thank you for sharing your story with me.

      I’m truly so sorry your fighting for such a simple thing as a new raised toilet seat that’s disgusting. The only advice I can offer if push and keep telling them that this is now an emergency before your husband has his surgery!
      Just because your able to still stand means nothing I’m sure the simplest of tasks drains your energy at the best of times, Plus remind them this is your independence and mental health.

      I’m sorry I can’t help anymore x


  2. I was invited to a nice trip out to Stratford on Avon and a boat ride with a cream tea, Sounds good? Then reality set in,my scooter couldnt go on the mini bus and I certainly couldnt get on a boat. Just hits you now and then, Bummer Joy

    Sent from Outlook



    1. Hey Joy

      Oh what A shame that would have been lovely, I have heard of boats that do cater for disabled people in wheelchairs and scooters it’s worth looking into you never know you could get your cream tea after all.


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