A crappy situation but a basic need!

Today. I talk about the one invention that’s kept hidden behind closed doors but is undeniably important. So let’s talk “ode de toilet”

World Toilet Day is on 19th November. Yes at first glance, this seems like an unlikely candidate for a ‘world day’ and more like some sort of joke, but the day is nowhere as trivial or humorous as it may seem. All in all, it strives to draw attention to various sanitation issues around the world and work towards resolving them.

Do you just go to places expecting your toilet needs to be met?


Rely on your own bathroom at home to meet your needs?

When you’re nicknamed the ‘Toilet Queen’ you know you talk A LOT about toilets but that’s ok because I would rather be known for talking a load of ‘shite’ when it comes to dealing with a basic human right we should all be entitled to. Whether it’s in your own home sitting on your throne playing Candy Crush or taking a basic trip out to your local supermarket when the call of nature happens we all expect to find a toilet that meets our needs.

What happens when those needs are not met? Many standard accessible toilets in the UK are unequipped, these so-called ‘accessible toilet’ in my opinion are very outdated in a world that’s ageing and living longer because of modern technology.

Why are standard accessible toilets outdated? Because some are to small to even fit a wheelchair on its own, without adding a caregiver or PA to the situation. If you are capable of transferring yourself you can be faced with the toilet being too high or low, grab rails are badly positioned/fitted or not enough, baby changing tables and bins all crammed into one small space or even used as a storage space.

What is a suitable accessible toilet that meets everybody’s needs? A ‘Changing Places Toilet’ if you have a complex impairment/disability and need space to move, a hoist, height adjustable changing bed and the toilet central on the wall for easy transfer either side with a height adjustable sink. 1/4 of million disabled people and their families struggle with just the basic of needs when going anywhere like a simple walk around a park, supermarket, cinema, museum, restaurant the list is endless.

1530 changing places facilities registered in the uk

However, it isn’t just about having that access to a toilet when your out, what happens when your basic toilet needs are not met even in your own home, because you’re unable to access the top floor of you’re home to use the bathroom or the toilet is too low or in the wrong position. Your forced into finding other ways like using a commode, adult continence underwear or a urine bottle.

2 in 5 disabled adults can’t fully use their bathroom.

Whether it’s in your own home or just going out – not having that access to something that is a natural bodily function and a basic human right your dignity is taken away.

What is the purpose of World Toilet Day? The purpose of World Toilet Day is to raise awareness about how many people in the world still lack basic sanitary facilities.

Ask yourself these questions:

Would you, a dignified adult, happily use a dirty toilet with a broken seat, smelling like it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time?

If your baby or toddler needed changing, would you use a dirty toilet floor?

Would you lie down an elderly parent or loved-one with dementia or parkinson’s on that same filthy floor to deal with their continence needs?

Would you happily use your living room as your bathroom?

Would you wear incontinences underwear even if you were capable of using a toilet in your own home but that toilet wasn’t accessible to use?

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