Disabled and older people deserve better than ‘making do’

Let’s get right down to the wheels this year has proven to be challenging for most people, but for too many disabled people the challenges have and still been significantly worse because of access issues within their home.”

Disabled people for far too long now have been expected to ‘make do’ and ‘just put up with’ being unable to carry out even the basics of daily living with very little or no Independence.

In September Habinteg Housing Association published the results from the YouGov poll that it commissioned. Worryingly, and yet not surprisingly it revealed that inaccessible housing had a significant impact on the wellbeing of disabled adults during this trying time.

  • 35% were “unable to carry out all daily tasks and activities at home without assistance.
  • 24% of disabled people do not have a home that meets their access needs.

To add insult to wheels, the Government introduced a temporary Care Act easement. What does that mean well it gives local authorities the means to not have to complete all the assessments or meet all the needs usually expected of them. Although not all councils have applied easements, this doesn’t mean that it’s not adding that additional worry for disabled people who require that vital and much needed assistance in order to live an independent life.

It is difficult enough for disabled people when they are living in adequate accommodation and require that extra help but for those in inaccessible housing, the problems are multiplied. Having experienced firsthand what it is like to live in an inaccessible home I can understand the difficulties that disabled people have faced over the months.

April 2020, 86.3% (9 in 10) disabled adults said that they were “very worried” or “somewhat worried” about the effects the current times was having on their life.

Including feelings of isolation, fears about contracting the virus and concerns about accessing vital services.

People’s homes have played a central role in most people’s lives for a significant part of the year. those in inadequate housing are more likely to suffer adversely; physically, mentally and emotionally. Also, a higher percentage of disabled than non-bodied people have reported feeling unsafe when leaving their homes, hence confining them even more to their own four walls.

Home building will need to be far more accessible than it is currently. With the possibility of further social restrictions shortly, the Government needs to ensure that local authorities are in a position to provide adaptations to the homes of disabled people to enable them to live independently.

This is why I started campaigning for better accessible homes as well as joining forces with Habinteg as an insights group member with other dedicated disabled people wanting the same outcome. #ForAccessibleHomes

This week I met everyone on the insight group, Virtually of course to discuss the accessible homes consultation followed with a virtual meeting with myself, Habinteg’s Nicolas Bungay and my local MP Ben Everett to talk about why we need more and better Accessible housing.

It cannot be denied or ignored that disabled and elderly people deserve more than just “making do”.

Kisses K

I would love to here what would you like to see in the accessible homes consultation? Feel free to leave me a comment.

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7 thoughts on “Disabled and older people deserve better than ‘making do’

  1. I am in both categories, need help with everything and home not meeting my needs. I really hate having to put up with things. I have turned to my love of books and blogging to keep busy but that does not solve the problems and after 10 plus years of searching for a better place, we are getting frustrated.

    It should not be about keeping busy, it should be about living life the way we want in places that are suitable.

    I know we are in a pandemic but I got sick of being told the best thing was for me to be in a care home or live with my parents or that cutbacks meant I could not have what I needed.


    1. Hi Katherine

      I’m so sorry that you have just been ‘putting up’ for the past 10 years and no you are completely right keeping yourself busy doesn’t help the situation and solve the situation that you are in!

      And the sad thing is this is the thing everyone seems to think that it’s easier to stick is in a home and actually create a home that’s accessible.

      This pandemic is definitely shed a light more and more on how unaccessible homes can be!

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  2. Totally agree Kerry. It’s a lot of energy and stress to keep searching for a new place and we have tried different solutions with little success. I’m 39 in just under 2 months and this is not the situation I wanted to be in, either for myself or my husband.

    An emergency meeting with social services years ago did not solve anything at all.

    Nor has being told there’s a shortage of housing for the last decade.

    Talking to my family is not great because no one knows what to do.

    And that’s even harder now with the pandemic. Knowing who to ask or where or even how to do things safely. We have been self isolating since February.

    My hope is that one day governments will react and that accessible and affordable homes will be built on a much wider scale than they are now.

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    1. Firstly I’m so sorry you are facing this abs feeling like you have no support or why to turn.

      Now is the time to start shouting get your mp involved Councilor send them all emails ask for help and a zoom meeting to show why you need adaptations to your home!

      I here if you need help or advise (can’t guarantee it will help I will try)

      Kisses K

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  3. Am in Texas, I don’t get no help I was a working mom till I came down with Muscular Dystrophy. Am in a chair by or bed daily. I need help to bathe, cooking, cleaning.and I can’t get no one to be pay for my help. At the end of each day I need help getting to my bed. Am going on 10 years and it’s getting worse. I live with my ex-husband. I feel like am a big problem.

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