Let’s go thunders!

And, just like that the inner cheerleader was out – I was just missing the pom-poms!

When the opportunity presented itself though Milton Keynesia Magazine to go watch the MK Thunders play the Jets from Slough, my pink winter coat was ready for a night at the ice rink.

I haven’t been to an ice hockey match since my legs could walk themselves down a steep dark slope, when planet ice was once apart of The Leisure Plaza’ back in the mid 90’s. Yes, I am that young! – It’s been that long I didn’t even know it had a new refurb!

Now, thinking I know the rules of ice hockey would be a mistaken because I have no clue but this blonde in wheels definitely has the ability to cheer on a team.

However. This time round my experience was going to be very different my legs are now a set of 4 wheels ‘my wheelchair’. I am always very anxious going anywhere new or old. Accessibility is huge for anyone with a disability. Before I got to excited it was important for me to do what most of us do before going anywhere. Our research, making sure all our access needs are catered for thankfully the AccessAble App/website is fully of relevant information I needed. As well as getting information from the team manger. I was set to go.

The only think missing is a changing places toilet but I’ll work on that one!

I decided to take hubby, his brother and girlfriend along with my outlaws.

You can feel the excitement in the atmosphere as you enter the stadium which keeps building as the time grows closer to match time, the hustle and bustle of everyone grabbing food and drinks before taking their seats talking about both teams and past games trying to predict what the score will be.

I had a whiz around to get my bearings as the Ice machine was on the rink prepping the ice, I wanted to take a look at the raised section for wheelchairs and It didn’t disappoint was a great view of the whole rink and close to the team dugouts.

MK Thunders maybe a division 1 team but don’t be misguided by that, these lads show nothing but being in the top division, with the passion and team Spirit they all show on the ice it’s incredible to watch, they create an atmosphere that draws you right in wanting more and more, they are like happy endorphin drug you can’t get enough of!

The same goes for their fans you can hear the betting of the drum echo around the stadium while chanting ‘go Thunders’.

I had forgotten just how fast pace and exciting it was to watch, you almost forget how cold it is with the excitement.

Second period I sat in the bar and met one of the players dads, number 14 Callum Burr. telling me his son had won man of the match the week before. You could see just how proud he was of everything his son had achieved it was great to hear from a parents perspective just what ice hockey means to the players.

This blonde in wheels was even ask and trusted to hand out man of the match. Of course it took me all of 30 seconds to say yes, If I really must! – I mean who wants to miss the opportunity to get up close and personal just because I’m in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’ve lost the ability to have fun!

The team was amazing as I couldn’t get on the ice (something about safety, clearly never met me before!) they all jumped off the ice to take photos which was so incredible of them. And yes anyone that knows my husband you’ll know; his fear of missing out. So, yes he did a sneaky slice into the photos!

If you live in Milton Keynes and haven’t been to watch the MK Thunders play go give them a cheer and your support you will have an incredible night.

A huge thank you to the fabulous Lauren Cox (manager of the MK thunders) for inviting me and the whole team for making such an incredible effort to make me feel included.

Until next time – don’t forget to come and say hi.

Kisses K

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