Not Accessible for everyone!!

Over the years I’ve had several conversations with different people for all different reasons down to care, equipment, benefits and general help. But all conversation seem to have the same ending a very misconstrued idea of what’s available and accessible to people who have any form of disability. Just recently I’ve had a few issues with the care company that provides the only help we have “domestic work” Generally all things me is covered by hubby. The word “Disabled” can have many different meaning as not one person with a disability has the same disability, it might have the same name but everyone is different, crazy hey but very true!! So when someone shockingly looks at you saying you only have 2 hours of domestic help wow that’s madness and your husband does everything else, you know your entitled to so much more “you should playing the game” Now as much as I really want to answer in my very sarcastic way “no really I never knew that please do carry on and tell me how!!” But unfortunately my mother did install some manners within me, so I always graciously smile and let them tell me how to “play the game“. so this so-called “game” that most people seems to think Is super easy to play, let me fill you into this crazy notion that you have it’s not as black and white as you think, it’s a struggle for most of us to get half the help we need and you think we are entitled to!! everything that I have from wheelchairs, hoists even down to the all singing and dancing toilet, I have had to fight very hard to get over the years, that includes the  multi purpose-built disabled bungalow that I was told I wasn’t entitled to because I was under the age of 60, even just last year the council threatened to take the only help we do have away. Have any of you watched DIY SOS?? I mean watched and really listened to their stories unfold and cried because their real life stories are heartbreaking, most of these families all have one thing in common a disabled child or parent/s that struggles to get the right help or funding to help there needs, so if it was so easy to “play the game” to get everything they needed to make their lives more independent or comfortable would any of them really call a TV show in desperate need of help to transform their homes so their loved ones could still live at home with people who love them and not face having to make the hard decision of a residential home!! So if you are someone who thinks this “playing the game” is as easy as you think it is, next time you feel the need to say the words “you should playing the game” don’t just assume they haven’t already tried.

Kerry x

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