A world where I feel Included.

Say the word Included out loud ~ Now how easy was that to say!? but do you really feel it??

I’ll totally hold my hand up (if I could!) and say; HELL NO!

Why. Lots of reason by here just a few.

Lets start with my favourite subject toilets ~ And the lack of facilities available for people with complex needs like myself, it’s not as simple as having a walking stick or a wheelchair thinking that a standard disabled toilet is equipped for most disabled people. With most disabled toilets either being to small, used as storage cupboards, the toilets being shoved into the corner of the room plus having a few grab rails and a red pull cord it’s an accident waiting to happen.

1/4 million disabled people don’t have the use of any toilets including a disabled toilet when their going out, call me crazy surly this is a basic human right for EVERYONE,

Access ~ Is it as simple as having a ramp or wider door nope sorry guys, saying you have access but then having a large step that’s not access, ramming everything onto one shop floor with no space to manoeuvre a standard 19″ wheelchair around just think how hard it would be if your chair was larger. Lifts are great when you can reach the buttons even better when you can just about fit the amount of eye rolls I see because others have to wait.

Every disabled adult and child faces restrictions everyday that stops them living a life of their choice, our Independence is sometimes very reliant on big if’s and the big A. If it’s Accessible.

I’m no different to anyone else that wants the freedom to have a choice, my choice not a choice that’s made for me, to live my best life.

So In the words of Miley Cyrus don’t fuck with my freedom!

Kerry 💋

Tell me how included you feel or don’t feel by leaving me a comment.

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