The Disabled Blogger Tag

I’d like to start by thanking a fellow Muscular Dystrophy suffer and new friend for tagging me in her blog ‘The Disabled Blogger Tag’ Emma is at the top of her game being the UK’s top travel + disability blogger.

‘The Disabled Blogger Tag’ was created by Elin from My Blurred World it’s an amazing idea to start a tag just for Disabled Bloggers just to see the Different Worlds of disabilities!

1. When and why did you start your blog?

I started blogging in 2016 very late to the world of blogging I feel, i’d though about it many years ago but just brushed it off probably out of nerves thinking no one would read or find me remotely interesting just a crazy blonde in a wheelchair jabbering on about absolutely nothing!


2. Did you intend to talk about your disability online from the beginning?

Yes and No I started with the intention of talking about my love for Aloe Vera (my little side business) and how I wanted to stop taking from over the counter and high street branded products to change to using a more natural free from chemicals products.

3. Have you ever been sceptical about talking about your disability online?

Yes definitely which is funny in a way as I’m very vocal and up front when I’m talking to people about Muscular Dystrophy over the phone or face to face! But that comes from facing some nasty backlash just from a game that went horribly wrong when I did an online event a few years back, I had private messages saying 

‘You should have been killed at birth’

‘Your a waste of space’

‘Disabled people shouldn’t have the right to breathe the same air as everyone else’    

That’s just a few of what I got, it did affect me mentally for a while I just couldn’t understand why people would be so horrible to any human being over a small private online game where you won a toothgel. Crazy!! 


4. What kind of response have you/do you receive in terms of your disability-related blog posts?

The responses I’ve got are always positive and supportive which is so lovely, no just online offline as well from family and friends that I wasn’t even aware they read my blog, it’s always heart warming plus I’m so appreciative for every like, comment or a passing great job and to know I’ve helped just one person is the greatest feeling.    

5. Do you write/talk about other topics apart from your disability?

Yes I’m a bit mixed I find still trying to find my feet I think, you’ll find a few aloe Vera, changing places, and one about my sperm donor (sorry I mean my father!!) 

6. What steps do you take to make your blog accessible to yourself as well as other people?

I have everything I need for me on my iPhone and Samsung tablet just makes life  easier for me, and making it acceptable for others I do make sure the writing is darker but I definitely need to improve on that as well so finding ways and getting other Disabled Bloggers advice I think I need to do as I’d like to make it available to everyone. 

7. What is your favourite thing about blogging about your disability?

I have so many bits I love about blogging having my own small space of the internet, it can also be like my own therapy session sometimes!

Meeting others either in the same situation as me or with different disabilities some are starting to become friends which is great, Having an opportunity to raise awareness about disability changing people’s minds they have of a stereotypical disabled person.

8. What are your top three disability-related blog posts that you’ve ever published?

Difficult one to answer but ive picked my top three.

9. Do you think that the disabled blogger/YouTube community is overlooked?

Unfortunately, Yes totally I feel sometimes it’s treated with kid gloves or a private club no one else wants or can’t join!

It’s definitely lacking in recognition from the blogging world same as YouTube, which is unfortunate as its frowning rapidly and the level of support within the disability world is incredible. 

10. Do you find it difficult to think of new disability-related content to publish?

In the beginning yes, for sure that was down to not wanting to ram in everyone’s faces about my disability plus nerves of my writing skills, as ive grown more confident within my writing I’m finding it a little easier, not saying that I don’t get a mental block every now and then, I also want to write something that people would be interested in reading, I’m very open for ideas from others so send away! 

11. Do you think blogging about your disability helps to change people’s perceptions?

I truly hope that blogging about my disability has changed people’s perspiration about disabled people and the stereotypical view some people have, it’s never going to change overnight as we have such a lack of disabilities in the public eye, it’s growing slowly but surely and hopefully as we see more disabled people this will help people’s minds to grow as well.  

12. Who do you tag? 

it would be amazing if Ailsa, Chris, Lucy,  Leah, Emma could answer the questions, I want to thank Emma again for tagging me ive thoroughly enjoyed doing this and loved reading everyone’s blogs, cant wait to read everyone else.                                                                                                                                                           


7 thoughts on “The Disabled Blogger Tag

  1. Oh my shattered nerves… good job there is definitely a reason you need to blog more and more (you probably have thousands of followers already) but im sitting in the dark by a fire in a quiet room being inspired by you and a few other bloggers.
    Please dont let rude people take your joy from you x Keep being authentically you because you’re awesome just the way you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kinds words it means so much that you took the time to read my blog but to be one of few to inspire you that I’m truly honoured by, no matter how many follower someone has it always means that much more when someone reaches out and takes the time to leave a message
      Thank you enjoy your evening in front of fire xx


      1. ❤ its been a topsy turvy week and im sitting in much needed silence reading inspirational blogs. Thank you for inspiring me ❤ im glad i came across your blog … perfect timing.


  2. Hello! I love your blog and after reading only a few posts I have already researched lymphoedema clinic’s and looked up habiteg because I want to move house and I find it such a waste that there is nowhere to advertise my adapted property so that the the disabled people good egg advantage of it.
    Anyway, I have setup a wheelchair users travel database which has thousands of links to other travel resources and reviews from or for wheelchair users and I also have my own personal blog: Susie’s wheelchair adventures that I hope will be interesting reading!
    Keep up the good blogs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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