MDUK President’s Award ~ Campaigner of the year 2019.

It’s been a few years since I went to a muscular Dystrophy uk conference but this one will always hold special place in my heart for many reasons.

I totally feel like I’ve stolen somebody else’s life and someone’s going to pop up from behind the bushes saying I’d like my life back now please!

It’s always been my pleasure working with MDUK on the Campaign’s or media piece, plus it’s nice to be asked as it means the work I have been doing is good enough to be asked again.

The day I received the email with a letter attached saying; “you were nominated for an MDUK President’s Award. I am delighted you have been independently chosen as the winner of our Campaigner of the Year Award.“.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, no not me they have totally have the wrong person, with so many amazing Campaigner though out MDUK and my name was picked out how did that happen!? Now I would totally be lying if I said I didn’t cry like a baby (tears of happiness and shock) I tend to do that a lots when something wonderful happens to me not sure if anyone’s spotted a pattern if you read my posts!

Awards Day

Michael Attenborough hosted the awards he’s the Vice President of MDUK yep safe to say fan girl moment even hubby was having fan boy moment!

Before the awards ceremony started there was a little lunch laid on for the award winners in a room where we had photo’s taken and got to meet Michael & Karen Attenborough both truly inspiring people I could listen to them both all day.

To say it was emotional is an understatement not only for everyone receiving awards but for those watching to I was an emotional wreck before it even got to me. I was determined I was not going to cry i was strong enough, meh who am I kidding that turned into an epic fail lasted all of 5 seconds as soon as my video started playing a familia face and voice it my friend Fi talking about me and how she’d nominated me my eyes started filling, then another face and voice popped up my friend Liz who I see at the Milton Keynes muscle meetings that was it game over I was a crying mess at this stage. And I still needed to go up on stage!!

Hubby wiping my tears with his jumper up I went to get my award a beautiful glass plaque with my name and “Campaigner of the year” I even got to do a mini interview with Michael Attenborough AMAZING.

Changing my social profiles to say “award winner” it took me a few attempts to change everything because I kept deleting it thinking it looks like your being super big headed but then that’s me overthinking as hubby pointed out, it’s something to be proud of and share your achievements.

I get to speak to so many wonderful people that work at MDUK but never really get to meet them it’s normally just emails and phone calls, so to finally meet so many was amazing didn’t get a cheeky selfie with everyone, but it was still so great to spend time with everyone.

A huge congratulations to everyone that was awarded your all truly amazballs!

Community Achievement David Duggins (accepted on David’s behalf by Muir and Marion Wilson) ~ Early Career Scientist Dr Christopher Banerji ~ Campaigner of the Year myself ~ Fundraiser of the Year Wayne Armsden ~ Richard Attenborough award for Outstanding Achievement Peter Ashley & Michael Attenborough

I truly am feeling very grateful and humbled and one extremely lucky girl to have won 2 awards and be on the Shaw Trust power 100 list. I can’t thank everyone enough that has followed, supported and nominated me, I will embrace this acknowledgement humbly. Everyone’s continued support means the absolute world to me thank you 💗

Kerry x

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