How to De~Stress when you can’t walk it off

We all get stressed at some point or another everyone has their own ways of de-stressing, you can find a lot online that helps you like going to the gym, jogging, walking etc but when your in a wheelchair a little bit difficult to jump up stick your joggers on and run it off, not quite the same feeling sticking your wheelchair on full speed!

So here’s a few things I find help when I need to de~stress.

My play list

You can’t beat a great up beat play list of all your favourite songs that gets your sing along on. And well if you doing anything like me an angel………. That’s totally been shot in the head probably make sure the windows are closed and your on your own!!

• Just a few on my list ~

• Evacuate the dance floor Cascada

• The thong song (yes it totally on my list)

• Roar Katy Perry (everyone need a little Katy Perry in the life!)

• Ripgroove

• Ride on time (this will definitely get you singing)


It can be anything from a list (love me a list) or a blog post anything to get what I’m feeling down and out so it’s not running around in my head.

Connecting with friends

You don’t always need to meet up just a simple text or call.


Getting my giggle on I can definitely always rely on my husband to do or say something that will have me in stitches (unless he’s the one that stressed me out!), or a good old fashioned comedy I recently just watched Gavin and Stacey again!

Netflix and chill

Find a new series or old one grab a glass of wine or cupper and your favourite foods!

Switching off from social Media

And doing everything on the list.

Kerry x

What do you do to de-stress??

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