My fave cheesy Christmas films to watch on Netflix over December 🎄

Can you believe we’re in December already it totally doesn’t feel like a whole year has nearly passed us by!

I LOVE nothing more than a cheesy Christmas film when December comes around (Nicky aka hubby not so much!) I try to sneak in a cheesy Christmas movie in November but doesn’t always work I get busted!

You either love or hate these films, hubby hates them, but I love them, yes they’re cheese on toast, yes the acting is sometimes questionable and you’ll totally guess the ending by a mile but this is what makes them fun. Perfect for watching on a cold winter afternoon.

SO I thought I’d write a little list of my favourite cheesy films to watch this Christmas on Netflix, they definitely have the motto the cheesier the better, so let’s get all snuggled up with a blanket and hit chocolate and dive right in.

Just to add; if you don’t have Netflix don’t worry Channel 5 and Christmas 24 have you totally covered they both play a lot of cheesy Christmas films everyday so don’t worry, plus I’m not sure if other countries have these films, these are all based on Netflix UK.

A Christmas Prince 1, 2 & 3 ~ I can’t get enough of this series, It was a surprise Netflix hit in 2017 and is back with another instalment this year i’m so excited. The first film features a journalist who’s sent to a European country on a story and meets the prince falls in love, I’m sure you totally already worked it out. The second film is based around a royal wedding and the third is to be based around you guessed it a royal baby! They are very cheesy films but I love them.

The Princess Switch: Netflix’s big Christmas releases last year It has Vanessa Hudgens has the Parent Trap style she plays herself twice! And I love it, They are releasing a sequel but I’m not sure if thats this year or next year, if you’ve not watched it yet it’s definitely worth a watch.

Christmas Inheritance : This I watched last year and thought it cheesy but funny in places, based around a care free socialite who has to visit her Dad’s hometown in order to inherit the ‘family business’. Very predictable film. Stars Andie MacDowell who you might remember in groundhog Day if you’ve watched that.

The Holiday Calendar: I loved this one of my favourites of last year, very cute all based around a magical advent calendar, and of cause you see a friendshop blossom into love along the way. You find yourself shouting just kiss already! It was quite sweet not a sickly one like some of these films.

Holiday Rush: Is a NEW release this year, it was a great watch to get the cheesy Christmas films started, cute and funny in places. It’s about a widowed radio DJ his 4 very spoilt kids that have to tighten their belts just before Christmas, definitely worth a watch.

Okay, I’ve not gone totally Christmas film crazy on just a few!! but hopefully there’s a few couple to get your teeth into, let me know if you watch any of them and your fave as I’d love to know!

Kerry 💋

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