Season greeting!

Hey there, Wow can you believe Christmas Day is just two days way, it definitely doesn’t feel like a year has nearly passed us by. So before the end of the year I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and send you all the good vibes for 2021 – as heck we’re going toContinue reading “Season greeting!”

Lonely This Christmas

With Christmas Day only 7 days away it’s so easy to get wrapped up in hustle and bustle of the Christmas countdown, Finalising all your upcoming festivities Christmas day, Boxing Day getting excited about spending time with family/friends. What happens when you have no- one, no family/friends that will pop in or invite you roundContinue reading “Lonely This Christmas”

Tips to help reduce Christmas stress and anxiety

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But what happens when it becomes to much to handle, your brain goes into overload making it harder to enjoy the festive season. There’s an added pressure when your disabled as it’s not as easy to just remove yourself to take a break, gather your thoughts or just catchContinue reading “Tips to help reduce Christmas stress and anxiety”

Countdown to Christmas

The tree is up, I’m mostly done with all my Christmas shopping! Shopping; it’s something of a must at Christmas unless you’re Scrooge, picking out the right present for a fussy family member or finding the cheesiest present you can for your best friend, It can also be one of the most stressful times ofContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas”

My 2019 Christmas stocking fillers Guide under £10

Ho Ho Ho!! Well Christmas has arrived, trees are going up you know at least one person that’s so organised they have all their Shopping done and wrapped under the tree! But It’s never too late to get those last minute gift’s, I have searched high and low online for a few gift ideas allContinue reading “My 2019 Christmas stocking fillers Guide under £10”

My fave cheesy Christmas films to watch on Netflix over December 🎄

Can you believe we’re in December already it totally doesn’t feel like a whole year has nearly passed us by! I LOVE nothing more than a cheesy Christmas film when December comes around (Nicky aka hubby not so much!) I try to sneak in a cheesy Christmas movie in November but doesn’t always work IContinue reading “My fave cheesy Christmas films to watch on Netflix over December 🎄”

Reflection on 2018

Well can you believe we are just about to wave goodbye to 2018 going into 2019 or maybe some people are sticking their fingers up to it!. it doesn’t feel real anyone else feel that way? where did this year go!? My 2018 break down 2018 started with a beautiful family wedding, but unfortunately itContinue reading “Reflection on 2018”

The feeling of rejection!

Rejections; an emotion that’s never top of our list to feel. You have all kinds of rejections from a job you wanted but didn’t get to a partner or friend, then the rejection I’m feeling from a parent. No matter what type of rejection it is it’s never easy. I don’t know if it’s justContinue reading “The feeling of rejection!”