3rd Blogiversary

Wow 3 whole years

Sitting here writing this I can’t believe it’s been three years already since I started my blog. The journey I’ve been on since I started outweighs anything I could ever imagine it could of been.

I started this just as a way for me to voice what it’s like living With depression, anxiety and Muscular Dystrophy, hoping that by sharing my experiences and my journeys it would maybe help someone.

The journeys and new experiences have blown me away, totally never would have happened if I didn’t push that publish button 3 years ago that kick started My Life Kerry’s Way.

I’ve learnt so much from/about other people’s experiences from all the wonderful comments and emails that’s been sent to me, but not just about other I’ve learnt a lot about myself how to be a better human being is just one, I’ve surprised myself at just what I’m capable of finding a voice i never thought I had from a passion of Campaigning.

I’m truly so very grateful for everyone’s continuing support thank you, It means much more than you can imagine so as long as you all continue to read and enjoy I will continue to write.

Kerry 💋

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