Lonely This Christmas

With Christmas Day only 7 days away it’s so easy to get wrapped up in hustle and bustle of the Christmas countdown, Finalising all your upcoming festivities Christmas day, Boxing Day getting excited about spending time with family/friends.

What happens when you have no- one, no family/friends that will pop in or invite you round for dinner, I’m not just talking about the older generation there are plenty of disabled people also, some elderly and disabled will just see a carer for 30 minutes to an hour here and there over the Christmas period or no one at all.

It could be anyone, your neighbour, a friend, even you.

Loneliness can be just as harmful as smoking causing depression, anxiety, Stress, sleep issues that can cause a number health issue. it’s sad to think there will be thousands of elderly and disabled people out there right now who will be spending Christmas alone.

How can we help

• Donate a dinner

• Check in with family, friends and neighbours

• Video call anyone that’s long distance

• Volunteer or popping in to see someone

• Write a card (just lets them know your thinking of them and care)

No-one should feel lonely or isolated.

Kerry 💋

Do you feel lonely or going to be alone over the Christmas period feel free to send me an email or are you someone that’s helping someone I’d love to know what you do leave me a comment.

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