Saying Goodbye To A Beloved Pet.

When you become a pet owner they Automatically become a loved family member.

This is definitely an emotional and heartbreaking post to write my beautiful little black panther has been with me since he was just 8 weeks old, I remember hearing this very loud meow coming up the pathway wrapped up in a blanket in my cousins arms as she came though the door this tiny little black head popped out to say hello with his very loud deep meow!

He had a big sister already waiting for him in his new home with us, who definitely didn’t take to this nosey little thing that wanted her attention following her around, it soon changed from her backing him into a corner at 3am to full on mummy cat mode cleaning and letting him cuddle up to her on my lap (until he was to big!!)

You could find him sleeping under the cooker in the pots draw! Yes, don’t ask me why but that was his favourite place to sleep (actually thinking about it my other cat Skye and my rabbit did to!) or I’d find him on top of my head in the mornings.

He had his funny little ways as he got older he’ll never just walk out the door he had to do a full circle from the right then run out, as you let him in he meowed as he Strolled passed to say thank you, the summer months he sat at the back door looking at you meowing as if he is demanding for you to put his dinner outside as it’s far to nice to eat indoors.

As for shoes if they were on your feet game over his head definitely needed scratching If your foot was up!!

His big fluffy tail is longer than his body all curled up above his body it’s amazing.

The way he walks is amazing, had us in stitches every time, it’s a real strut around town kinda of walk, don’t mess with me I’m king of this street. When we called him he just struts it across the street meowing away as if he’s saying I’m coming in my own time I have all the time in world!

I now have to say goodbye to My beautiful little black panther I don’t want to but I know I have to. I can’t watch him suffer it’s not fair, I don’t want to lose my loud meowing, strutting curly long tailed fudge but he’s already disappearing before my eyes.

I know he’s had a long happy 16 years and I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what he was. When I’m lonely he was my Comfort, when I’m sad his meow is like he’s saying I love. You’ve helped my depression and anxiety when I’ve needed that destruction.

I’m going miss your big voice demanding for attention, your big curly fluff tail, sitting in front of the tv just because you could, your cute face and big eyes, ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’™

Mummy loves you ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’™

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To A Beloved Pet.

  1. My two young cats are litter mates so I named them Sissie and Bro. I tell people it would have been more appropriate to name them Never and Again, because that was MY plan. When my beautiful Molly Maine Coon passed away, I swore my heart had been broken for the absolute last time. Fate, in the form of a neighbor who owns a nonprofit animal rescue operation, decided otherwise. I heard a voice that sounded just like mine saying “Eight week old kittens? Really not interested but bring them over anyway. No promises, you understand”. That was four years ago and they’re still here.

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    1. Haha Mandy I absolutely love their names!

      I totally get where youโ€™re coming from where you say never again but with a cute little faces just look up at you you fall in love ๐Ÿ˜ป


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