Mindfulness it’s about knowing directlywhat is going on inside and out ourselves and our lives. It’s all about our awareness of our thoughts, feeling, behaviour and emotions so that we can allow ourselves to live in the present moment.

How much do we really do to help ourselves and our mindfulness??

I can think of several things as I’m sure there are many ways we can help our mindfulness these are just a few that might get you started.

Don’t sweat the small stuff we are all guilty of making a mountain out of a mole hill sometimes myself included, getting so wrap up into something so tiny and trivia that really isn’t anything major, making our stress levels so high, by taking a step back and thinking is it really worth this much time and effort then realising it really isn’t worth that much attention we’re reducing your stress levels this obviously has many benefits to our health.

Focus and Attention you would think that this one was obvious but in actual fact some of us think that just by being mindful it instantly calms everything down helping your focus, this only works if your head isn’t so busy meaning it’s incredibly hard to just slow down. So by stopping everything for minute and re-focusing your mind on by simply breathing and clearing your mind, increases your concentration levels to what you need to pay attention to.

Overthinking again we are all guilty of overthinking something at some point in our lives whether it’s about what we have/haven’t or should of done or fantasising about our future and what we can achieve. Mindfulness is about bringing the present moment into our awareness so the only way we can truly influence our dreams and goals and next opportunity is by being truly present in the moment by doing it NOW.

I’m not saying mindfulness is the answer to all of our troubles, because it isn’t but by being that Little bit more mindful of ourselves it’s a start that can only get better and better the more we practice,

Feel free to leave me comment with any tips or advice you find helps your mindfulness i’d love to hear from you!

Kerry 💋

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4 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. I like using headspace for meditation. I think it’s a good app and I’ve managed to make it a habit to do it at least 20 minutes every day. I want to trying to 40 minutes every day but I haven’t managed to get into a habit of that yet.

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