Accessibility within your home.

I’ve written a few times about how not having an accessible home when you have a disability can be just as detrimental to your health as having a disability.

Once you have an accessible home that works for you I.e wet room (walk in bathroom) wide doors, accessible kitchen with a rise and drop sides if you need, what about the other parts of your home like lights, heating that might not be as accessible for you.

So I thought I’d share with you what has made my life at home just that more accessible to me!

HIVE Heating & Hot Water

Was the first gadget we had installed having that power to control my heating and hot water to when I needed it, I’d been moaning how the heating wouldn’t come on when I was cold so having that control to turn it on and off or turning the heating up and down has been brilliant.

(Control is though a moblie phone/Tablet or voice control though Amazon Alexa/Dot – you don’t just have hive there are a few different ones available like nest for example).

Light bulbs

It’s one of those annoying all year round things I’ve found the winner months get dark early, summer months darker later if your anything like me I hated leaving lights on just for the sake of when it gets dark, I’d have the problem of no one being around when I need the lights on. So this was a great way for me to be able to have my own light disco when I needed to.

(Again can be controlled from a mobile phone/Tablet as well as voice control though Amazon Alexa/Dot – I have the hive bulbs but you can get a great range of different makes it’s what works easiest for you).

Amazon fire cube

This is a brand new Christmas present to ourselves and I love it, all voice controlled with a command name just like the Amazon Alexa/Dot. The fact it connects to my TV makes it so much easier for me if I from the tv/Sky remote, I’m able to control the volume when I’m watching both Sky Q and prime, also able to ask prime tv though just saying the command name and what program or film I want to watch and play, pause, fast forward, rewind. if your anything like me a drop the Sky remote when no one is around to pick it up for you (eye roll) I’m now saved.

(Again this is voice activated as well as having a remote control that’s also voice activated, it works very much the same way as the Amazon Alexa/Dot).


I have a few plug now connected to a lamp in my front room as well as my salt lamps, pretty much the same as the lights and heating having the control to switch on and off when I need them.

(Controlled through mobile phones/Tablets and voice activation with Amazon Alexa/Dot – I have hive plugs but other versions are available).

Door intercom/phone

My Front door is connected to an intercom system which then connects to a phone so when someone pushes the intercom outside i’m able to answer the phone and release the door though pushing number 1 for them to let themselves in.

(you can obviously get other systems that would work for the level of needs you require).

Door Camera

Having access to seeing who’s at my door is a great comfort not only to myself but my husband as well, especially when I’m on my own.

Amazon Alexa + Dot

These are very much a key part of me having voice control with all I’ve shared, I’m able set reminder, alarms and routines these are great as I’m able to turn on and off what I need with one command like ‘Alexa Good Night‘ and she’ll turn off kitchen, living room, hallway I added a little extra where she’ll answer with ‘sweet dreams love you’ . Your able to add skills like cooking or games that keep your mind active. Play your favourite Radio station. Your even able to call and message anyone else that has an Alexa/Dot, I’ve definitely found comfort having one of these they are great.

(You have a vast range of the Amazon devices other than Alexa/Dot these days as well as the Google play)

Having just the simplest of things like being able to control lights where I’m able to use Voice activation has been amazing in keeping my Independence. Also means that it helps with my mental health, not having that extra frustration and anxiety of not being able to do something can only be a good thing!

Kerry 💋

What helps you within your home to keep you independent?? Feel free to leave me a comment and share.

Disclaimer; This is in no way an advert, I have not been asked to promote any of these items.

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