Hanging out at home

Hey everyone welcome back, how are you doing?

Adjusting to hanging out at home!?

Even after this weeks announcement I know a few of us have made the decision to still stay in the safety of our own homes. Over the past 12 or so weeks I have been ask this question a lot so I thought I would use this time to write a few tips that have helped me though this difficult time of only seeing the inside of my home. Along with many others from the disability world I was told to shield myself from the outside world and told to stay at home, now the sudden government change of it’s safe to go out; anyway that’s another post for another day I feel.

After this weeks announcement I know a few of us have made the decision to still stay in the safety of our own homes and ride it out a little longer. As some of you may already know staying at home for a long periods of time isn’t anything new having muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle wasting condition my immune system isn’t that great, catching anything from the common cold can be deadly for myself.

Find a routine that suits you.

We are all different; be pretty boring if we were all the same let be honest. However, not everyone likes starting the day at the crack of dawn myself included but if you are I am slightly jealous you have the will power to get up that early – setting a routine is hugely important as our bodies naturally crave being in routines, surprisingly we function and work better in a routine so setting a time that suit you to start your day then gradually doing small jobs as the day goes on it’s important to remember if we were working in an office we generally wouldn’t do everything all at once Space it out throughout the day so being at home works the same.

Learn to know how your feeling.

It is very easy to get stuck giving the same generic answer when asked ‘how are you doing’ Answer ‘I’m fine thanks how are you?’ Be more honest if your not feeling 100% tell someone your trust, it is ok your not alone you never know just how the other person is feeling also, sometime letting it out actually helps.

Finding the joy in small things.

Taking Comfort in the small things like a great movie, book, favourite snack or sound track, I love nothing more when I am at home than sticking my favourite sound track on taking that time for me to sing (like an angel obviously!) and enjoy that moment of doing nothing, what’s the saying all work and no play…….I will let you all finish that one.

It may take time to settle.

Change can be daunting and unsettling at the best of times our brains can work over time imagining the same situation day in day out, so do not put pressure on yourself to have everything sussed out and adjusted in a few days let the natural flow of thing happen to adjust and remember your day is naturally full of ups and downs so this is no different.

Concentrate on the present moment.

It Is totally natural to worry our brains are programmed to worry about things that make us uncertain and in this type of situation you are probably thinking about when will things get back to ‘normal’ or when is it safe to really go outside. It is very easy to focus on that uncertainty but we still do not know enough to protect ourselves, so try to keep your mind active and focused on the present time even if it is just a hour.

So as I sign off until next time i have Alexa serenading me in the background and Dua Lipa physical has just started so I’m off to sing my little lungs off.

Kerry 💋

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