A different world

Sunday seems to come around so quickly again only feels like yesterday I was saying ‘Hi how are you, it’s Sunday AGAIN!’

During the last few months i have had waves of different emotions; as I am sure most of you have been feeling too, but this past week I have struggled with whether I have the right to feel the emotions I have for different reasons. If you have been reading my blog for a long time you will already know that I have alway said my blog for me is sometimes like a therapy session which has been hugely beneficial to helping with my mental health. One of the greatest things this platform allows me to do is share and express my thoughts, feelings and opinions with you all so I want to stay true to that.

2020 definitely has not started or possibly going to end how we all imagined it would, it has been a very difficult year for so many of us whether it be emotionally, physically and/or Financial. Firstly, COVID-19 has taken over our everyday lives and continue to do so definitely not looking like it Is ending anytime soon. It is like Mother nature wants to remind us she is in control of all of our lives. Being confined in our own homes, unfortunately for some of us that Is still the case, bring us uncertainty, anxieties and stresses we could all do without.

I will be completely honest part of this next part I really was not sure if I had the right or knowledge to even make a comment on how I felt/feel. However when is the time if it isn’t now for me to stand side by side with my friends and say enough is enough. Just like they have alway stood by my side though being disabled, not that it is in anyway the same.

This last week I have noticed the world is changing around me for several different reasons, my life has changed forever thanks to a virus that we know nothing about and has taken far to many lives before their time. I have been feeling lost at just where my place as a disabled person fits into the new world. Will I ever be safe to leave my home, will I ever be able to be in a crowded shopping centre again am I stuck at home for the rest of my life because it’s safer.

Then you have a world full of hate and violence against POC that is unjustified. It is by no means anything new racism or discrimination it has been deeply rooted within society from the beginning. Whether you have a disability, look different, have a different religion or just a different race. It is not just a hashtag or a movement to talk about for a couple of days for many people this is their everyday lives as a disabled person I face discrimination most days but no means anything like POC have to face and that makes me sad and angry, I will never understand just what it is like but it also does not mean I can not stand side by side plus as a disabled woman I fight everyday for diversity and equality we are all the same race, we are all human being the fight for one is the fight for all.

Educating ourselves

Let’s be honest we have all seen what is happening right now time after time, I have friends that I class as family that go though it daily always thinking they are okay but never asking if they are truly okay. Why?. I honestly can’t answer as I have no idea why, it’s a question i have asked myself this week several times. When something happens it becomes the topic of conversation everywhere like social media then in a couple of days we all continue with our everyday life. I’m not saying this is wrong as we will never truly understand just how mentally hard it must be dealing with racism over and over and learning to brush it off and just carrying on with life, as I’m sure people would/should say they could never understand what it is like living with a disability everyday. But sharing a few words on social media won’t change the world. Yes we are contributing something which is great but are we really learning anything; No. To try and even remotely understand we all have to re-educate ourselves reading a book, listening or talking to someone that has the knowledge to help us think and act differently is a great start, I never really understood what white privilege truly meant it doesn’t mean you haven’t had a tough life it just means your life was not made tougher by the colour of your skin, we need to using that privilege to part of the solution.

I have always wanted people to educate themselves about disabilities so this is no different we cannot not try because we are fearful of getting it wrong, I know I would rather someone ask me about my disability than to just ignore me or turn their back on me you then become part of the problem. After reading, learning, re-educating myself and understanding more than I did before. it is nothing to be ashamed of re-educating ourselves. We have to change in order to change the world we live in.

We are not born racist.

Being united

The most beautiful thing I have watched though out this last few months is seeing how united people have become. From neighbours and total strangers helping one another, to children teaching us how humanity should be, people standing together and understanding that you can not fight one without fighting the other. Yes there are still some evil people in this world, but that is over shadowed by the love people are showing right now.


People have been fighting and waiting for Society to change for years and sadly it never seems to happen, but this time feels very different I can’t explain why and I could be totally wrong I hope I’m not though, Hopefully everything won’t just go back to normal for some people whereas for others, it is a daily issue they have to face for the rest of their life. But I have faith and belief that we can all change to make the world more inclusive place to live and I am stick with that.

I hope I have articulated my thoughts in a way that has not offended anyone. It is time to end this injustice together.

Kerry 💋

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2 thoughts on “A different world

  1. I agree with you. I would much prefer to have someone ask me why I don’t have legs or hands than ignore me, avoid eye contact, or pull their children away. I feel human when someone asks. People need to hear from us, we give our disability a voice and it breaks down barriers.I appreciate you writing about this.

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    1. Absolutely I couldn’t agree more it does break down barriers kids don’t need to be scared of us generally I find kids ask questions it’s the parents that pull them away and say no don’t ask that. Which is an absolute shame.
      Thank you for reading and thank you for sending a message I truly appreciate it.


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