Quarantine Brain

Welcome back, can you believe it’s Sunday already the weeks seem to be flying by!

Have you ever wheeled/walked into a room to forget why? Misplaced an item to many times or just struggling to focus on a single task at time. Yes yes and absolutely I will totally hold my hands up more so lately.

If so, you might be suffering from quarantine brain. Who even knew that was a thing. Did you? It wasn’t until a few weeks ago I came across it but after reading about it, it totally make sense.

Here’s why

Two months of limited social interaction and spending a LOT of time in one place it’s probably taking it’s toll on all our minds. There’s even been a hashtag making the rounds on social media #QuarantineBrain

Seeing the same people or no one in the same surroundings everyday means the everyday challenges our brains are used to facing have been taken away. Like, navigating a new place or having a conversation with a stranger is leaving our brains feeling unstimulated and out of sorts.

Easing that foggy feeling

Silly mistakes

These happen when you are trying to do too many things at once. Right now for some of us we are social workers, cook, cleaner, teacher, accountant, virtual social organiser – all from our living rooms. When your brain becomes overwhelmed you often think too far ahead, meaning you miss out on certain steps along the way and making simple mistakes like adding a red top to a white wash.

  • Organisation is key set your morning alarm 15 minutes earlier so you have time to write a list of all the tasks you need to complete that today.


Ordinarily we would all be organised but have you the last few weeks entered a room and forgotten why or just sat looking at your phone or laptop screen only to realise you have no idea why. With new routines been busy and slightly chaotic your brain is not getting the same mental challenges it’s use to, without a “normal” structure, the days are merging into one then then allows the brain’s memory to become lazy, resulting in you forgetting little things that would normally be second nature.

  • Make a point of distinguishing between the weekdays, you might have Spag bol on a Monday or Tuesdays is movie night, also try escaping with a puzzle, crossword or my favourite colouring in. These tasks can help stimulate the mind but also relax it from the stresses of quarantine.

Poor concentration

Reading everything twice for it to make sense I can’t get through more than one episode of that Netflix boxset without losing interest. Usually, our days have a lot of natural breaks, we commute to work, have an appointment, meet friends. Now, your brain has no outlet leaving it feeling like it is being overloaded with information, this results In us being unable to focus and be really frustrating.

  • Regular breaks is very important especially if your still working from home, whether it is watching your favourite tv shoe or boxset episode, having a catch up with a friend over the phone. Something that makes you happy this can reduce stress and restore mental focus.


Tempers are probably starting to fray a little by now and your finding little things that generally would not bother you annoying you more than normal, cabin fever can make even the most zen of people crabby, and living in close quarters with the same people for months on end can have a negative impact on your brain making your crabby.

  • Be sure to get some “me time” make sure you structure in alone time for yourself every day. It can be writing down your feeling, reading a book or setting in the garden if you have one. It’s important to have that time away from the person or people irritating you, it will give you time to get some perspective.
  • If you live alone and your the irritating yourself it’s not as easy to remove yourself from yourself so give a friend a call or write down how your feeling.

Thank you for reading I hope these little tips help with the brain fog if you’ve been suffering though this time. Feel free to tell me what you have been doing to help keep your brain stimulated I would love to know.

Kerry 💋

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