Having a disability isn’t a weakness

Having a disability isn’t a weakness, it should be seen as a strength.

What does the word disability mean to you?

When you look at someone with a disability what do you see strength or weakness. Is the first thing that pops into your mind ‘oh bless it must be hard’ or ‘I’m glad I’m not them’ or how can they add anything to Society.

I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and progressive muscle wasting condition, I was diagnosed at the age of 24 but before that the signs where already showing from a teenager, first came the limp then the muscle weakness gradually got worse and worse I’m my arms and legs. But I’ve always believed it should never hold me back from anything I want to do, yes, I might take longer to do certain things and of course, there will be things I can’t actually do like run a marathon but with careful planning why can’t anyone with a disability achieve anything,

My disability doesn’t define me. I just happen to have muscular dystrophy it just part of my identity.

As someone with a disability over the years I have faced many people telling me ‘I can’t’, even my own husband has in the past he obviously knows better now! These are just a select group that don’t know you or your disability that will openly tell you, you can’t or bully you because of your disability. This just drives me even more, so I can wheel on by saying sorry what did you say, I can’t what!

A bruise will heal, a cut will heal, but when you let somebody take away who you are, it’s more damaging than any broken bone and deeper than any cut.

Disability is sometimes perceived as a negative [sadly, generally by people without a disability. Viewed as the worst possible thing that could happen to someone. But your wrong it’s so far from it. The word “disabled” can be seen in a good light. Look at all the amazing disabled athletes, movie stars, with so many amazing people out there that have a disability just talk to one and you’ll see. There’s nothing wrong with being disabled, Disability is not an ugly word. Disability isn’t a bad thing.

I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am in today without my disability and be able to utilise what I know about living with muscular dystrophy, I wouldn’t of started my blog, become a disability campaigner or won awards, everything I have achieved is, yes because I’ve worked hard but it’s also been achieved living with a disability.

I will never let my “disability” get the best of me. I, myself, don’t see my body as disabled. I look at muscular dystrophy as a little bumps in the long road we call life.

Having a disability doesn’t mean we don’t add to Society we can still get married, work, have sex, have children.

It’s time to show people that disability has ‘ability’ in it. People look at a disability as a weakness but it should be seen as a strength. The representation of disability needs to be improved. If we can make this happen, we will in turn help change attitudes towards disability across the world.

So. The next time you look at someone, think about what they could be going through. Whatever their disability might be, don’t think for a second it will hinder their performance. Who knows, maybe they’ll teach you a thing or two.

💋 Kerry

Have you a disability how do you see it as a weakness or strength?? Feel free to leave me a comment I would love to hear your opinion.

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