Campaigning 101

Over the last 3 years campaigning has become such a massive part of my world, which got me thinking about all of you, yes I think of you all on the odd occasion don’t get too excited now!

Have you ever thought about starting your own campaign or just wanting to get involved in a campaign/ing but just not sure where to even start. Well look no further here are a few helpful little tips I’ve found that have helped me along my campaigning trail.


  • Find a campaign to start advocating for that you’re passionate about I.e Changing Places or carers rights for instance, but there are so many great campaigns already going it’s just a case of picking one you want to get involved in, in your Local Area. You might already have something in mind you feel needs attention.
  • Once you have your campaign your next step is to write an email to whoever has that YES power or who can pass it on to the person who’s in charge for the facilities for your campaign.
  • Share with your friends and family your campaign, social media is such a powerful tool these days when it’s used In the correct way.
  • Arrange a meeting your story is the most powerful tool you have when campaigning, sharing it in person even more powerful.
  • Contact your local newspapers tell them what your up to and why your campaign is so important. You can even see if there is an online local newsletter as well.
  • Start an online petition for your campaign or see if you can share one already established, then share your story along with the petition at the same time.

Well, that’s me, for now, I hope these little tips have helped you get your campaigning juices Flowing, feel free to reach out to me and share your campaign I’d love to hear how it’s going or what campaign you’re going to start.

Until next time thanks for popping by and reading!

💋 Kerry

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