Accepting a new normal

Accepting a new normal when I was just feeling like I had found my feet… well wheels!

‘Normal’ what does that even mean and does it really exist?

Everyone’s normal is different or we would all be boring. plus life has this way of dealing us different cards of change from time to time whether it’s through choice or necessity.

Being disabled life already throws many different challenges at you on a daily basis, and as much we take those hits time after time on the chin – obviously finding ways around them they can also be extremely difficult to come to terms with and, understandably, most disabled people often miss and mourn their old life I know I have even if I have embraced my disability it took me a long time to get to where I am today and yes absolutely I still miss many things I’ve just learnt to live without. So accepting this new ‘Normal’ is far from easy.

Finding acceptance is often the only way to enjoy life again.

Having muscular dystrophy A progressive muscle wasting condition – acceptance has had to become part of my life, as each year passes my body changes or I lose the ability to do something for instance recently the strength in my left arm has gotten weaker so wash my own face has become harder and harder.

With so many rule foundries, people not social distancing it’s hard to feel safe. The world maybe moving forward and opening and yet I missed and still can’t go to vital appointments with health specialist like my 6 monthly respiratory to check my lungs are doing ok, my neurologist doctor and his team.

So accepting this new ‘normal’ isn’t it going to be that easy for some of us.

I could totally say to you all right now look for the positives like I would in most situation and I’m totally not saying don’t as you should always at least try, but with so many of the disabled Community still feeling left behind as the rest of the world tries to move forward. In all honesty where do we even fit in within Society? With so much confusion, scaremongering and people just avoiding/ignoring the feeling of those that have been shielding or taking those extra precautions.

This year I have been out of my house 3 times – that’s 3 times in 8 months.

I don’t know about you guys but as much as I’m exempt from wearing a mask I’ve found myself wearing one on the two occasions I’ve ventured out only to my local shop 5 minutes away but still made sure I had one on. Why, In a way i feel It’s to prove a point that just because I don’t have to wear one I’m still wearing one because of people kicking up a fuss that don’t want to wear one but should wear one!

Acceptance – is a process that only you can do at your own Pace, it’s not a competition it’s about how comfortable your feeling about things, it’s not about how other people want you to feel. Its okay to say that we miss our old lives. That we miss who we once were. And it’s okay to be angry, sad or say that life is unfair. Because, sometimes it is.

So for right now in this moment I’m stubbornly throwing my wheels up at all this change it’s not bettering my life if anything it’s put my wheels in reverse!

Everything definitely is and feels different

But. I will find a new ‘Normal’ because like I always do I will do thing in my own time move at my speed.

Kisses K

Have you found your new normal or still looking for it?? Leave me a comment I’d love to know.

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2 thoughts on “Accepting a new normal

  1. Hi Kerry, Another Great Post! Thank you for sharing!😊
    I feel the same as you and still have a challenge with the “Normals” out there too. I have already been through most of the scenarios you describe, but over the years have always kept a positive approach, which helps enormously. I find that a direct challenge to a “Normal” works quite well, not rude, but direct. I ask them a simple question, would you like to swap places with me? With a big smile😊, and I have found that it disarms most “Normals” immediately. Let’s have some fun with this present situation, we are all here to enjoy a life of FREEDOM and HAPPINESS. Happiness is after all a state of mind, it always comes from within, never from outside. All challenges have a solution, that is why I call them challenges. The impossible we can do today, it’s the miracles that take a little longer. 😊
    Catch up very soon I hope, all the best Ron E West

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