I want to scream I’m still here!

I don’t know about all of you – I sometimes have this overwhelming urge to shout ‘Hello, I’m still here’ I’m not invisible while frantically waving my arms in the air – well, if that was at all possible, I’ll need to rope in one of my PA’s to do that part! I’ve openly said the disabled World is a forgotten world or afterthought and the fact it’s not a new concept most of us haven’t felt, read or written ourselves.

The outside world is moving forward as I watch from the window.

Yet when we remind the world that Society has left us behind that same society not all but some. Act as if we’re moaning that nothing is good enough when in reality all we are asking is that we are treated the same as the non-disabled world.

It’s paraded all over the media then as quickly as we all agree yes, yes this is how I feel it disappears. It then just feels like a broken record constantly repeating itself until something else happens and we give Society a little nudge again to remind us that we are here and nothing has changed.

Do you ever get that feeling you need to find a very big field and just scream!

You could even say that we’ve become so immune to being left behind we just get on with life and adapt because that’s all we can do until someone truly wants to listen. Which unfortunately is up to us to keep talking and sharing just why we feel left behind. Because how else are people going to learn the barriers we face in everyday life like accessibility with toilets, housing, shopping access to hospital appointments the list is endless.

So yes there is a need for action there is a need to scream I’m still here even in the ‘new normal’ everyone keeps going on about we are living and yes absolutely we will adapt because that’s who we are but no we shouldn’t have to we will keep fighting, why because of my life matters, your life matters, disabled lives matter.

I’m not here to educate you on disability, but I will.

EVERYONE is entitled to live in an diverse and inclusive world.

Kisses K

We all have our ‘we feel left behind stories’ so please sharing them with me by leaving a comment.

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3 thoughts on “I want to scream I’m still here!

  1. Yep, still here and just getting on with it because the only other choice is to give up… clearly and thankfully not an option in your eyes Kerry, mine either. You’re doing excellent work with a lot of excellent forward thinking people. Next time a news bulletin shows someone boohooing because they still have to wear a mask in this ‘new normal’ I will throw something at the tv… virtually… as I actually can’t…

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