Have your say – your say matters.

The deadline is fast approaching and I need your help. Why because having your say means more than you probably think it does – by responding to the consultation before the deadline on the 1st December gives every disabled person and their families a voice for change.

Confused? If you weren’t aware already the government is now consulting on the long-awaited proposals to raise standards within housing, so that all new homes are built to better meet the needs of current and future generations of older and disabled people.

9% of homes in England deemed ‘visitable’ for a wheelchair user

Disabled people like myself and their families have been living in unsuitable homes or forced to live in care homes due to the lack of enough accessible housing available to live in.

I count myself lucky to now be living independently in home that better suits my needs it’s had a positive impact on my mental and physical well-being. But I should count myself ‘lucky’ everyone has the right to be able to live an independent accessible life by choice.

For so many disabled people the impact of not having access to an adapted home can be devastating. For example, disabled people living in inaccessible homes are four times more likely to be unemployed the impact can also mean they become isolated from society, having a detrimental effect on their mental health and mental well-being. It’s definitely did for me.

13.9 million Disabled people in the UK. 1.8 million have an accessible housing need – 580 thousand are of working age.

Building accessible and adaptable homes helps to increase disabled people’s independence in their home, keeping them safer, delaying or avoiding unwanted moves or trips the the hospital, all of which also create enormous social and public savings benefits.

Right now I only 1 new accessible home is planned for every 15 people over 65 by 2030. Do you think that’s enough? Because I certainly don’t, this is a really important chance for us to be heard, and if we raise our voices we can help forge a major milestone on the way to a more inclusive and accessible world.”

Don’t just take my word read more here: https://www.habinteg.org.uk/homecoalition/

So have your say let’s make a change together because your story is the most powerful tool you have and the only way to bring change is to speak up and share by responding to the consultation here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/raising-accessibility-standards-for-new-homes

Please help me fight #ForAccessibeHomes You have until 11:45pm, 1st December to respond.

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3 thoughts on “Have your say – your say matters.

  1. Hi Kerry, Well done for this article it says it all so very clearly, thank you. Just to let you know I have filled in and submitted my interest today and look forward to the responses with interest. I have been living in unsuitable rented accommodation for 13 years now as we had to give up our home abroad, because of my diagnosis in 2006. Just lately because of the progress on my neuromuscular condition (Myofibrillar Myopathy) I am finding every day now a very difficult struggle, despite the fact that we have been on the local council housing list for sheltered housing, for over 12 years! Our local authority just do not have suitable property available for us yet, because there just isn’t enough of them being built. This petition should help, provided that they listen to the people who need wheelchair accessible housing, so I am keeping my fingers crossed, Once again thank you so much for all that you are doing here. Ron 💐👍😘

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