My body is ready for better weather!

Clocks have changed, nights are getting long does this hopefully mean better weather is on it’s way too. My wheels are crossed and my body is ready!

Don’t get to excited i’m about to pull out my bikini and flash flesh, have you tried wearing a bikini in a wheelchair i have definitely not mastered that i can tell you!

However, i don’t know about anyone else that is disabled but having muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle wasting condition the winter months are particularly harder on my body, i feel like i spend six months trying to warm up and a life time with my electric blanket on – i find i have less movement and my body just aches everyday, i struggle more with fatigue and well i think we would all agree cold dark nights are no one’s friend.

My body definitely sings when i can feel the seasons changing the thought of wearing less, switching off the heating and electric blanket but the biggest thing for me is to just not struggle trying to regulate my body temperature it’s not the easiest thing to when you are constantly sitting. It’s harder for our bodies to stay warm when we’re not constantly moving and exercising.

For me, it’s time to come out of hibernation to venture out of my normal winter comfort zone. And experience what the world has to offer. It’s a time of opportunities and newly opened doors.

So yes i am ready to get my less clothes wearing on, plugging the fans into my Alexa plugs, putting my compression socks and water spray bottle into the fridge and opening up the windows and just feeling that warm above 15 degrees weather!

After 391 days of shielding i am as ready as i can be just to wheel myself out into my garden or to a park somewhere, anywhere to feel that sunshine on my face and heat my body up.

Kisses K

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4 thoughts on “My body is ready for better weather!

  1. Am i reading that right, you have your compression socks in the fridge? I’ve never worn a bikini, i’d feel like a sack of potatoes with zip ties around it lol xx

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