Football for all

A little reminder.‘Sorry not sorry’ to rub it in boys but the Lionesses did bring it home.

With the Nation gripped. Screaming, sitting at the edge of their seats watching every second passes. Young girls were watching in ore thinking I can do this.

Now, unfortunately I haven’t got a clue and would be lying if I said I did and I knew what the rules to football and definitely do not ask me what the offside rule is!

Football has this magical way of bringing everyone together, when it comes to cheering on your nation. Even those that wouldn’t ordinarily switch on to watch the football. That’s just what the Lionesses created though out the Euros.

In the aid of a game thats created so much buzz for women in football. Of course I think It’s at it’s beautiful best when it comes to disability football. Whether it’s powerchair players or the visually impaired, amputees or those playing with Asperger’s,

With women’s football set to rise thanks to passion and incredible talent of the lionesses winning the Euros disability football is only set to grow along side – giving the next generation of young girls as well as the older with disabilities the opportunities they might not think they can play.

There should be flexible, inclusive and accessible playing opportunities for everyone, whatever their level of ability. Unfortunately being a woman you do have that added pressure of having to prove yourself in a man sporting world especially when it comes to football, it’s still not as equal as it should be. So you can imagine adding a disability alongside you have far more to prove.

Yes, it’s improved and you have far more representative’s on the tv these days, far more than I had growing up. However, there is still a long way to go.

Currently 4.5% of people with disabilities play football. The FA’s Football ‘Your Way’ plan intends to create 2,800 new opportunities to engage in the game – from greater provision at schools to a new “recreational football offer” for adults. It also has broader ambitions to change the culture around football and disability.

in 2021 The FA’s director of women’s football, Baroness Sue Campbell, developed a plan, alongside the director of equality, diversity and inclusion, Edleen John. Campbell was reported to say it represents an organisation “looking to drive change”.

Disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive as non-disabled people, Baroness Campbell went on to says that information and instilling confidence are the most important factors in making the plan work but that football has an ability to drive change more broadly in society.

At present International competition for disabled players exists but at present the only female international squad is the England Deaf team. This is mainly due to the lack of international competition opportunities available for women in other impairment groups.

Until next time remember In the words of Beyoncé “Who run the world? Girls”

Kisses K

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