1st year blogiversary

Wow!! A year ago today I took the plunge to start my blogging what started as Kerry Thompson later on I changed to My Life, Kerry’s Way.

Looking back at my first attempt of the big world of blogging not knowing what I was doing or where I really wanted it to go, after I ummed and arred for a few weeks on the 21st December 2016 I went live of the first time with “My First Blog”

Over the past year I hope I’ve manage to Focus my blogs a little bit more and got the right balance of my life living with Muscular Dystrophy, disability issues and my love for Aloe Vera.

My highlights of the year

The overwhelming support I’ve received from people I know to people I’ve just met, my best blog to date is ‘Most people take for granted but for some of us it’s the thing of nightmare’ with 123 views that might not seem a lot, for me to even get 1 view means I’m doing something right, I’ve also had the privilege of sharing my loo story with the changing places campaign.

Final thoughts

At time’s it’s been challenging, I have the thoughts and ideas of what I want to write just sometimes finding the right words, I often find myself comparing myself to other blogger’s that talk about disability issues and Muscular Dystrophy, when I started I had no idea where to start setting up a blog, let alone all the other stuff that comes with blogging I.e edit and customise one.                                                         I don’t come from a background in design software, graphics and managing websites. So I’ve had to learn along the way and I’m still learning now.

Goals for next year

• Reach a wider audience and increase my readership

• Meet other like-minded disability bloggers

• Raise awareness of FHL1 muscular dystrophy

• Continue to post as regularly as it flows

• post more on traveling with my Go-Kart


I’d like to thank each and every person out there who has taken the time to read any of my blogs. I truly appreciate your feedback and support!

As long as I can continue to show you all the real me and attract an audience, however small I’ll keep writing.

Kerry x


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