The Bodyguard with Alexandra Burke at Milton Keynes Theatre.


We all know and love the iconic 90’s movie The bodyguard starring the talented Whitney Houston and the handsome Kevin Costner. it became the second highest grossing film worldwide with the soundtrack selling more than 45 million copies.  The stage show back at Milton Keynes Theatre, starring Alexandra Burke in the lead role.

To say I was a little excited and slightly giddy when my friend/PA bought us tickets for my 40th birthday is an understatement.

If your unaware of the storyline here’s a quick summary – The Bodyguard tells the story of Rachel Marron an award-winning singer on the road to an Oscar, whose management team take on a new bodyguard, Frank, after Rachel starts to receive threatening letters plus a dress goes missing from her dressing room.  Rachel unhappy With the new changes to her routine, rebels against them, unaware of what’s been really happening in the background putting herself in more danger. Her son, Fletcher takes a liking to Frank and as she watches their friendship grow she warms to him a little.  Meanwhile, the stalker gets closer and closer to Rachel, eventually getting inside her house.  What happens next?  You will need to see the show to find out!


Shocked into full attention mode with a gun shot to open the show. Then straight into Rachel performing Queen of the Night with all the effects of Strobe lighting you can imagine yourself at stadium gig including burst of flames, we were sat 4 Rows from the front and could feel the heat from the flames where we where, so I can’t imagine how hot it was for the front row. But what a dramatic way to start the show and grip you, Alexandra Burke definitely made the character her own playing the diva definitely came natural, I knew she could sing from watching her win the Xfactor in 2008 but wow; live INCREDIBLE her vocals you can’t help but be wowed by her. Not forgetting the stunning dancers the men with muscles for miles and the woman showing their equally ripped bodies gave the feel of a huge show.01C14E99-E9B6-4697-AE23-21347AC07BF3

most outstanding moments was saved ‘til the end of the show.  I Will Always Love You was amazing and you could hear a pin drop in the audience as she held the pauses.

Benoît Maréchal a French actor who plays Frank Farmer does an amazing job in the lead role, the chemistry just flows with Alexandra on stage any hotter you would Be seeing steam,

The role of Rachel’s sister Nicki was played by Mica Richardson she has just as an impressive voices grasping that emotional range needed to play her role.



Heart were stolen by the little boy who played Fletcher Rachel’s son getting his grove on and showing he’s one to watch out for vocally in the future.

The Stalker well to say every woman was pleasantly surprised when very fit stalker walked out played by Phil Atkinson, although Atkinson did give a sinister air about him but he certainly doesn’t fit the normal stalker profile. I will admit did say out load ‘oh hello, there,’ C2F0FFCF-3E73-440D-98B7-63D036D342E6

The use of the stage and sets, very clever.  using of lighting, smoke and fire for the big numbers and video offering gravitas for the stalker moments are really impactful. It made the experience just that more impactful.

If you’re a lover of the movie and soundtrack you won’t be disappointed with all favourite like – Saving All My Love For You, The Greatest Love Of All, One Moment In Time, How Will I Know, I Have Nothing, the opening number, Queen Of The Night. And my favourite I’m Every Woman.

The Finale was I Wanna Dance With Somebody, everyone was on their feet sing, dancing. Made for a great atmosphere and ending to an amazing show.

I may have been out out on a Wednesday night in Milton Keynes but the audience was definitely partying like it was a Saturday night, clapping, cheering, singing along with a standing ovation. speaks volumes of how everyone made this such an outstanding show.

Unfortunately curtains closed On the 23rd march, But If you get a chance to see it go this show offers everything; music, drama, a story with heart with amazing effects to go along with it.


Kerry x



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