My Wheelchair & Me!

The Aims of International Wheelchair DayTo enable wheelchair users to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has in their lives. To celebrate the great work of the many millions of people who provide wheelchairs, who provide support and care for wheelchair users and who make the World a better and more accessible place for peopleContinue reading “My Wheelchair & Me!”

HDU Ward 6 – Milton Keynes university hospital

I’ve had many trips and sleep overs (hubby likes to say I abandon him) at Milton Keynes university hospital in many different wards but it was my first experience staying on the high dependency unit. Due to an operation i underwent in April of this year I call it my fanny MOT. After my fannyContinue reading “HDU Ward 6 – Milton Keynes university hospital”

My Operation – A fanny MOT!

Let’s talk smear tests and well everything lady parts! Im going to do a two parter post, The why I had to have an operation and the hospital ward I spent 24 hours on. On Tuesday the 23rd April I under went surgery where I was put under General anesthesia. If your unsure what General anesthesia is, it’sContinue reading “My Operation – A fanny MOT!”

Insight report ~ Habinteg.

New research out on just how bad the lack of accessible housing has become and what’s needed to improve the situation. This is just another subject very close to my heart as a Disabled person myself the need to have a home that accessible and suitable for my needs being in a wheelchair is hugelyContinue reading “Insight report ~ Habinteg.”

The Bodyguard with Alexandra Burke at Milton Keynes Theatre.

  We all know and love the iconic 90’s movie The bodyguard starring the talented Whitney Houston and the handsome Kevin Costner. it became the second highest grossing film worldwide with the soundtrack selling more than 45 million copies.  The stage show back at Milton Keynes Theatre, starring Alexandra Burke in the lead role. ToContinue reading “The Bodyguard with Alexandra Burke at Milton Keynes Theatre.”

10 reason I’m pretty awesome because of my disability – not despite it!

When your Disabled there’s certain things you see and hear people say like ‘Oh <insert persons name here> is so lovely despite their disability’.  As someone who identifies themselves as being disabled, that one word, ‘despite’ kinda makes me a little crazy. Why can’t we just be lovely? What does anyone’s disability have to doContinue reading “10 reason I’m pretty awesome because of my disability – not despite it!”

Changing places – Guest post with Jen & Handsome Riley

Are you a parent?! Can you Imagine changing your baby/toddler on a public toilet floor that hosts hundreds of germs! Is your answer ‘hell no, that’s why there is baby changing areas available’. What about a Disabled child or adult why is it classed as acceptable to use a dirty toilet floor or not beContinue reading “Changing places – Guest post with Jen & Handsome Riley”