Are you Accessible

With the UK slowly coming out of lockdown and re-opening all our lives will start to enter into a new normal of wearing face masks and social distancing. Following markers on shop floors, eating in restaurants and drinking in pubs will never be the same are you ready for this to become the new normal?

Today marks 101 days of shielding for me.

While many of you have been chomping at the bit to get a bargain at primark and rummage though the huge re-opening sales, it’s got me thinking about all the none accessible places as well as the ones that are accessible for people with disabilities, before lockdown it was already hard enough to find an accessible place to go, with many places advertising they are accessible when in actual fact they’re not as accessible as they claim to be. From having steps at the entrance, doors not wide enough to the disabled toilet being to small there are many reasons why a building is not accessible for people with disabilities.


My question is what happens now are the places that were already accessible ‘still Accessible’ with the new rules and guidelines are shop assistant and other workers still going to be able to help someone with a disability if they needed help? What happens when a wheelchair can’t social distance.


All the places that were not accessible before are they now going to make themselves accessible or will it be the same answers with an add extra excuse of why they can’t be more accessible because of the new rules.

Before Lockdown

Disabled people make up 1 in 5 in the UK that means the Purple Pound is an estimated 249 Billion spending power of disabled people and their families, and yet hundreds of companies where already overlooking their disabled customers.

1 in 3 disabled people that’s (34%) have said that poor customer service prevented them from making a purchase, while 33% said the lack of understanding from staff about their needs. improvements should include ‘being treated the same as anyone else’ and having ‘knowledgeable staff’.

So as we all enter a new way of living just how accessible will this new way of living be for people with disabilities!

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