Forgotten Minority – Accessible Advent

Those two words ‘forgotten minority’ you would think if you shouted these two words from the roof tops people would hear, listen and ask why do you feel this way, but over the years it’s been proven not to be the case.

It’s a cycle that seems to repeat itself over and over that makes you so dizzy you feel your going around in circles, and in a sense we are. As a disabled person myself I’ve spoken and written about this several times before as it’s something the non-disabled community should know and understand that tiny bit more.

So though-out December I have decided to join some of my wonderful friends in the disabled community in using #AccessibleAdvent – sharing one thing everyday in December that would make life more accessible.

Here’s days 1 – 19 of Accessible Advent:

  • ‪Day One of #AccessibleAdvent – I would love to see #StepFree access – why?? – Because there’s a 7% chance of being able to access family or friends homes!‬
  • Day Two of #AccessibleAdvent – Drop curbs – the lack of them makes it unsafe as we then are forced to use roads. Then you have “dropped curbs” which are still 2inchs high that’s not a dropped curb!!
  • Day Three of #AccessibleAdvent – The lack of accessible #ChangingPlacesToilets – Over a 1/4 million people need Changing Places toilets to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities many take for granted.‬
  • Day Four of #AccessibleAdvent – being disabled comes with a hefty pricetag having a wheelchair gives me my independence to move around not just my home but outside as well. My wheelchair isn’t a luxury our wheelchairs become our legs! Wheelchairs shouldn’t cost the same as a car.
  • Day Five of #AccessibleAdvent – Accessible home – Just having the right adaptations to the home can create significant savings to the public purse. reducing social care costs for local authorities, health costs for the NHS as the number of accidents at home will significantly reduce.
  • Day Six of #AccessibleAdvent – Safe pavements & redways. Nothing worse than trying to get somewhere & having obstacles in the way on pavements & redways like cars, bikes, scooters, bins or dog poop. Then your faceed with half the path missing or tree roots Bumpy ya bum!
  • Day Seven of #AccessibleAdvent – I would love for companies to ask for disabled people’s advice on products and whether they would work – let us test and trial – We are after all the ones you will be looking to buy your Products!
  • Day Eight of #AccessibleAdvent – I wish doctors surgeries where more accessible – having a treatment room available for disabled patients with access to a hoist & specialist bed.
  • Day Nine of #AccessibleAdvent – I wish for all automatic doors to have sensors at wheelchair height and not just push buttons, because not all people are able to push or reach the button.
  • Day Ten of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish for today – better Accessible transport – If we wanted to take a spontaneous trip we would need to book a week in advance & take out a small mortgage! That’s NOT spontaneous!
  • Day Eleven of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish today is a simple one! ACCEPTANCE
  • Day Twelve of #AccessibleAdvent – Today’s wish for there not to be a postcode lottery on vital life saving medical equipment like cough assist machines. Having one at home means less hospital stays, less chest infections, daily physio for your lungs & less of a drain on the NHS!
  • Day Thirteen of #AccessibleAdvent – Today’s wish for there to be more protection for disabled people when it comes to care agencies & the level of care, treatment & support a person needs!
  • Day Fourteen of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish is for Society to see beyond the disability – see the person we are so much more than just being a ‘disabled person’ We are human too!
  • Day Fifteen of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish Is for people to speak directly to us don’t just assume a disabled person won’t or can’t engage in conversation – not with our parents, friends, carer or PA’s, but with us, we are human & individuals.
  • Day Sixteen of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish is – Closed captions for them added and to be readable because everyone has the right to read what’s being said!
  • Day Seventeen of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish is that employment is inclusive for all – this year has shown remote working is possible in a variety of fields!
  • Day Eighteen of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish is that people are held accountable for their choice of words against disabled people. Especially people in the limelight that the younger generation look up to. After all we are not born to be prejudiced!
  • Day Nineteen of #AccessibleAdvent – My wish is that lifts are kept available & maintained in working order so wheelchair users & those who struggle with stairs can access upper floors.

Most people will never understand the struggles and barriers the disabled community face on a daily basis – and that’s okay, because why would they know if they don’t have anyone that can explain their experiences.

Leave me a comment with your very own ‘Day ? #AccessableAdvent’ and you even know I might just share it. Or even better post with us!

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