Technology and disabled People

Technology is pretty much at our fingertips no matter where we turn these day, from Smart speakers, new smartphones coming out each year, cars with built-in wifi, and music and television can be accessed from almost anywhere. To some the idea of being unplugged and off grid can seem like something that exists only in a fiction novel.

Just like most things in life, technology has it’s pros and cons, on one hand it can be a matter of giving someone their Independence back or it can become a hindrance you just can’t put down – it’s said that on average we check our phones a whopping 150 times per day. Yes, crazy I know, it makes you wonder what the health-related consequences will be in the next few years, on top of the already existing overuse of technology.

However, there are also many positives to be noted when it comes to modern technology, especially to the disabled community it can open up a whole new world that they wouldn’t ordinarily be a part of if it wasn’t for technology and who advanced it has become.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship with technology. I remember the days we didn’t have mobile phones, now I know what your thinking how old is she? Not that old cheeky – i just turned 42 but if anyone asks i’m 29 with 13 years experience!

Anyway,. Automated answering, frustrating right? When all you want to do is talk to a real human in customer support because your phone isn’t working or something else has gone terribly wrong and then waiting on hold for hours. But i can’t deny that technology does contributes far more positive in my life, for example technology has kept me very independent when it comes to turn on and off the lights, heating and answering my front in my home.

Plus without technology i wouldn’t have the Independence of my wheelchair that acts as my legs because i can’t walk anymore due to having muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle weakening condition, i would be stuck inside the house all day with nothing more than a Facebook or Twitter to keep me connected to the outside world.

As lazy as it might sound to some people just having that ease when it comes to texting, sending voice notes or just plan scrolling through social media, i can easily discover what friends and family are doing too even finding out what everyone talking about with the news or latest TV show on a daily basis – without technology i wouldn’t be able to do online shopping like having my food delivered right to my front door that’s made a huge difference to not just mine but my husbands as well.

We all know who Stephen Hawking is he lived with ALS after losing the ability to speak in 1985 for a while he only had spelling cards that he would select each letter until technically was introduced to him in the form of a computer system called Equalizer allowing Prof Hawking to use a hand clicker to single out words and commands and speak them aloud through a linked Speech Plus synthesiser. Prof Hawking was upgraded as his ALS worsened to a new interface called ACAT (Assistive Contextually Aware Toolkit) that uses facial gesture recognition that allowed him to select a letter by twitching a specific muscle in his face.

Technology gives us our opportunity to be more independent, freedom and connected to an outside world we probably won’t be able to apart of without it.

I would love to hear from you what technology do you have?? Leave me a comment.

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